Don't understand Relations

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Don't understand Relations

Postby Jerbs » Sun Jul 30, 2006 8:37 am

Okay, so I'm a programmer, currently going to college in Computer Science. I've programmed several PHP programs, done board hacks, what not. I've used Regex before, but have NO Idea how your trying to use it here.

Regex is being applied to the field that you select, sounds good. If it doesn't find anything (no result), do what? We have a random Main Identifier and a Regex, then talk about no result? Of what, the Regex on the (Apply on field) or something to do with the Main Identifier? Otherwise - WTF is use match no? I just don't understand what is going on here I guess.

On an un-related note, everyone on my list is a mainless alt, even when I have no result, invalid result, and alt of alt set as "set as main" (testing purposes). Any idea?

What I am trying to do is have it check that the word "Alt" is in the Guild Title, then use the Public Note as the link to the Main's Name. I know it's possible, I just saw it on someone else's. I just don't understand the logic behind this. ... AltMonitor


I think I have it, but wow that was weird.
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Don't understand Relations

Postby PleegWat » Sun Jul 30, 2006 2:12 pm

The match no is which bracketed expression you're using. No result is if the regex doesn't match anything (it returns false). Invalid result is if the result from the regex isn't a guild member.

The alt rank is commonly used for identification ingame, also the menu.php does it. Altmonitor doesn't support using 2 fields (1 to determine if the person is alt, 1 to find out the main's name), but only relies on one field, where it expects to find the main's name and depends on the switching options to decide in which cases the member is a main and in which cases the member should be mainless alt.

The whole mainless alt rank has been put in mainly so you can identify which members haven't had their notes set/parsed correctly.
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