Error after install

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Error after install

Postby Pheratral » Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:12 pm

I've got a brand new phpBB2 install with Categories Hierarchy, and a brand new, clean roster install with my guild uploaded and exactly one user's data (mine own).

When I turn phpbb_login authentication on, after installing it as per the install.txt doc, I get this when I try to hit the page not logged on as anyone:

Could not query PHPBB Config information
SELECT * FROM phpbb_config
File: addons/phpBB_login/inc/login.php
Line: 127
Backtrace (most recent call last):

* lib/functions.lib.php
o Line: 189
o Function Called: backtrace
* addons/phpBB_login/inc/login.php
o Line: 127
o Function Called: die_quietly
o Arguments:
+ Could not query PHPBB Config information
+ Roster Auth
+ /var/www/TLUDocuments/roster/addons/phpBB_login/inc/login.php
+ 127
+ SELECT * FROM phpbb_config
* addons/phpBB_login/inc/login.php
o Line: 86
o Function Called: checkLogin
* settings.php
o Line: 275
o Function Called: RosterLogin
* index.php
o Line: 34
o Function Called: require_once
o Arguments:
+ /var/www/TLUDocuments/roster/settings.php

I have done the install three times to make sure I wasn't doing something stupid. My roster and phpBB are in the same database now.


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Error after install

Postby Munazz » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:46 pm

I'm not sure why are you are getting this error, other than maybe because it is a fresh install of phpBB.

Do you have direct access to your database? And if so, can you check to see if the table phpbb_config has any rows in it?

It is funny, because it didn't throw an error connecting to the database which is where I would expect it to bug out if it was going to have a communication issue.

Let's try to modify the error return to further debug this.
Line 127 should be
die_quietly("Could not query PHPBB Config information", 'Roster Auth', __FILE__,__LINE__,$sql);
Change it to
die_quietly("Could not query PHPBB Config information (". $this->database->sql_error->message .")", 'Roster Auth', __FILE__,__LINE__,$sql);

Perhaps that will give us some further insight into the error.
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