vault not work with german wow!

Displays items, money, and logs from the Guild Vault

vault not work with german wow!

Postby Maischter » Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:20 am ... ault&a=g:2

im updating this 5 times but never something changes.. (i have the characterprofiler und guildprofiler installed)

maybe its an localisation problem... because in teh characterprofiler.lua is teh vault data on english...?

here is some data:

["Vault"] = {
["Money"] = {
["Copper"] = 0,
["Silver"] = 50,
["Gold"] = 2264,
["Log"] = {
["Tab2"] = {
["Type"] = "withdraw",
["Name"] = "Kolondor",
["Time"] = "0:2:18:3",
["Count"] = 1,
["Item"] = "15747:0:0:0:0:0:0:0",
}, -- [1]
["Type"] = "deposit",
["Name"] = "Lucrezia",
["Time"] = "0:1:0:4",
["Count"] = 13,
["Item"] = "11370:0:0:0:0:0:0:0",
}, -- [15]

no idea why but no it works.. but only after deactivating arkinventroy in wow.. maybe there is a small incombatibility with the profiler mods?
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vault not work with german wow!

Postby zanix » Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:30 am

Yes, ArkInventory does interfere with GuildProfiler's scanning of the guild bank
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Re: vault not work with german wow!

Postby tuigii » Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:14 pm

zanix wrote:Yes, ArkInventory does interfere with GuildProfiler's scanning of the guild bank

That what I thought, about 3 month ago. And I had to ditch is for this very reason.

But I can't find any proof of this, I'm not 100 % sure ..... just a voice in my head says so.

But, even without any addons loaded (well, CP must be there) this ... ?TID=12010
still shows up.

Again, 'the voice' says that GP isn't handling the TAB number 4 (it exists).

I have to admit that it is strange that every time, when one of my chars opens the bank, an error pops up (see the link) with ONLY these addons installed :
CharacterProfiler, v2.4.0
GuildProfiler, v2.4.0
Swatter, v5.0.PRE.3117

What does Calvin say about this ?
Is this really a "WoW API error ?
Is there a way to load the original Blizzard LUA code that trips the error, (WoW in debug mode - I have the WoW dev LUA kit) just to see what's happening.

My final question is :
Why, when visiting all Vault pages, my CP file doesn't always contains the latest snap-shot from the Vault, as it does quit good for my bags, sacs and professions ? Has this to do with the fact the Blizzard sends over a the pages in one go and introducing some bandwidth problem ?
For some reason, I can't find the trick to make a valid snap-shot EVERY time. It just works, or it doesn't - and me not knowing the difference. I can only see the result when Uni has finished the up to the roster, or me poking in CP.

I placed many debug lines in GP - and look good (I even capture page 4 now, it ready to be shwon in the WoWroster as a general comment page for every Vault tab)

Anyway, this is really a issue, I agree.
BUT : WoWRoster depends heavily on these addons - without CP+GP, WoWRoster = :bomb:
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