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Postby Nefuh » Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:37 pm is back.... :thumleft:

With new administrator and from a new server reports back under his top level domain. :cheers:

After the Luciver the present administrator and owner from stopped playing World Of Warcraft, the domain would transfered on a new server.

Herewith I Nefuh would like to introduce me, as a new administrator and side owner.
Many people of the german community and also some from the english community should already know me, as a person who always tries to help fast after the best knowledge and possibilities.

However, Luciver will remain as co-administrator , what pleases me personally.

In the course of the administrator's change there are in future also some smaller changes on the side.

First will remain the German User2User Community and a platform for all users who would like to get help in German.

Furthermore I would like to work together even more with the admins from to be able to offer you also topical information and help.

In addition, I would like to develop the side further than German Community platform all around WoWRoster and World Of Warcraft web projects.

Now there is also a developer area in which WoWRoster Addon developers, and also general developers of web projects for World Of Warcraft, can announce their projects and should also help themselves maybe with questions.

The developer area of the web page is visible only for developers and not for normal users.
Should you be a developer apply for the admission in the group.

Beside the developer area, I would like to give you also on the possibility to announce your web projects and add-ons of the Community.
In addition, for add-ons for the WoWRoster the possibility exists to get own Subforum (simply contact one of the team member) to offer support for your add-on also there .

Now appears the question:
Why should I announce my add-ons on the German side and on

Quite simply! There are many German users and developers for which is it easier to write and to get help in their own language.

I hope the community accepts the new concept and i hope to see there many german users. Of course, english users are welcome to.

Yours sincerely


German Translation could be found here.
Administrator of the german User2User Community for WoWRoster.
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Postby zanix » Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:49 am

That's great news

Also note that the Dev Team fully supports
You guys are doing a great job
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Postby Movix » Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:03 am

why not put your energy together in sharing the same web plattform. perhaps it can save money, administration time. ;-)
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