i got a problem

Sync Blizzards' Armory data with WoWRoster (addon depreciated no longer works see ApiSync)

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i got a problem

Postby miquelx » Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:44 am

hey there here i am with another problem :bash:
my problem is that i cant sync all the char data from armory it stops at the midle of the synchronization
and another problem the realm status is always saying no status and the realm is online
how do i solve the problem?
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Re: i got a problem

Postby tuigii » Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:35 pm

As already has been said : AS 'works', but Blizzard will throw you out after several good updated.
See my latest try (last week) for an example : http://www.wowroster.net/Forums/viewtop ... rt=15.html

Very important is also : does your HOST offer all the goodies that are needed for AS to work ? Over here, in my country (France) Hosts aren't expensive, but the good one still ask about 10 Euro a month for doing the job.

About AS : why not asking very friendly to your Guild members if they can install a simple addon (they all use addons, right ?)
If they can think about all the time YOU put into your project.
If they could invest in a 30 seconds job : upping a small file to your (their !!) WoWroster ?
I did that (ok, I admit, I do not guild anyone who says to me "I will NOT do that" - but that's just my politics) and it actaully works !!!!!
Proof : http://roster.papy-team.fr
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