GuildHistory Roster 2.0 options not working right...

GuildHistory displays the latest 100 actions taken by GuildProfiler from the guild event log

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GuildHistory Roster 2.0 options not working right...

Postby Calystos » Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:10 pm

Okay, seems that a fresh install of GuildHistory doesn't work right on Roster 2.0.

The options for format/line_format aren't set right in the install file.

Simple fix (find attached the modded file that has the following fix too, along with a version number change to show its been updated)

In inc/install.def.php edit and go to line #57 and #58 change to read:
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      $installer->add_config("'1020','guildhistory_format', '0', 'radio{long^1|short^0', 'guildhistory_conf'");
      $installer->add_config("'1030','guildhistory_line_format', '0', 'radio{block^1|single^0', 'guildhistory_conf'");

This will make the options appear properly on the addons config screen.
Modded version with fix to get Roster 2.0 options working right from fresh install.
(8.92 KiB) Downloaded 171 times
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GuildHistory Roster 2.0 options not working right...

Postby Nefuh » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:31 pm

Hey Calystos,

thanks for the fix, but the fix only works on new install. On update there was a error, because you tried to add configuration options that are already exists (even when they are not working correctly).

I have add your fix, and correct the update routine.
Also edited the localisation so now it should not longer display "Unknown has quit our guild.". Now it displays the correct playername.

Also i added the wrnet_id so, when there´s a new version of the addon in the download section, the roster should automaticly display a information that there´s a new version.

Uploaded Version to the download section -> here

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