Character Direct Link and some other options

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Character Direct Link and some other options

Postby mystic-dragon » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:08 pm

Hi there all,

Is there a way to get to a character directly?
As in /wowroster/index.php?character= <charactername> or whatever
So I can integrate this in Community Builder in some way.
And get the comunitybuilder addon that I have made posted here so everybody with joomla 1.5 with communitybuilder can use it.

Is there also a way to get some options from the menu off?
As in Guild Info, Update Profile and all.

As you can see I want a clean version of only 1 character.
I do want to be able to see all the info and buttons to switch from character sheet to quest log and bank and tallents.
But get rid of the rest.
But still be able to get it when I go to wow-roster link from my website.
So If I go from my website to a character directly I dont get all the stuff around it and when I go to wow-roster link I get the normal wow roster as it is now..

If there isnt someting like this already its oke.. maybe I brought some people on some idea's to make it this way.. and maybe not.
Just let me know.. because than I will also start some programming to see if I can get this to work.

Thanx in advance!!
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Character Direct Link and some other options

Postby zanix » Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:59 am

Any of these will work for a link to the character info addon


SEO (Friendly links)

(RC is the region code, currently accepted values are US or EU)

Visit this to see how to what the menu shows ... able_Calls
I would suggest adding $roster->output['show_menu'] to addons/info/inc/header.php

I'm not sure if this will remove the big buttons at the top though

Also, if you are considering making an addon, make sure you visit this page first
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