Error handling for upload_max_filesize hit

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Error handling for upload_max_filesize hit

Postby AnthonyB » Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:11 pm

Was just uploading a new addon into Uniadmin 0.7.9 and it kept saying "No addon uploaded"

Finally twigged that the new addon I was uploading was about 5MB in size.
My upload_max_filesize = 4MB

The default recommended setting (php.ini-recommended) is 2MB

Not sure if it's possible but with addons getting bigger and bigger it might be worth putting some better error handling on this condition so that if the upload_max_filesize limit is hit the error returned to screen reflects that this setting may need to be increased.
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Re: Error handling for upload_max_filesize hit

Postby tuigii » Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:00 pm

AnthonyB wrote:...
The default recommended setting (php.ini-recommended) is 2MB

This "should" be shown with the upload box.
That should do the job for those who "feed" UniAdmin (for 80 % ^^).

My limit is 16 Mo right now (32 server) but with addons like Atlas, right now, a little bit more then 11 Mb, and with WOLTK a huge 17 Mo will be possible.

Anyway, my real addon-store is on my hard-disk.
I use a smart FTP program (called wisely SmartFTP :grin: ) that syncs with the remote uniadmin/addon_zips directory.
I kick it of, and just after that I logging to UniAdmin, and accept the changes.
Works very well, breaks somewhat the PHP upload size, and is a lot faster.

Drawback : You have to give FTP access rights to your site (solution : I exposed the uniadmin/addon_zips directory to the out side world with special limited ftp rights to my trusted Offs - the one who now how to send a file with a 1960 based technology (ok, true, hard to find these days))
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Error handling for upload_max_filesize hit

Postby zanix » Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:30 am

Yeah, UniAdmin will scan the addon_zip folder for unprocessed addons and offer to process them in the addons screen

Providing the max size would be useful though
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