Madeby 1.9.9 Beta 7 prob

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Madeby 1.9.9 Beta 7 prob

Postby Borsti » Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:55 pm

I installed the Addon on my german Roster and got a small problem, in Menu Engineering not showing

Code: Select all
| <a href="index.php?p=guild-madeby&amp;a=g:1&amp;proffilter=Engineering"></a> |

Code: Select all
<tr><th class="copy">Beruf-Filter:</th><td class="copy"><select name="proffilter">
<option value="none">Wähle Berufe...</option>
<option value="Engineering"></option>
<option value="Alchemy" selected="selected">Alchimie</option>
<option value="Mining">Bergbau</option>
<option value="FirstAid">Erste Hilfe</option>
<option value="Jewelcrafting">Juwelenschleifen</option>
<option value="Cooking">Kochkunst</option>
<option value="Leatherworking">Lederverarbeitung</option>

<option value="Blacksmithing">Schmiedekunst</option>
<option value="Tailoring">Schneiderei</option>
<option value="Enchanting">Verzauberkunst</option>

Link to my Roster Magic Guards Roster

In deDe I changed Line 15
$lang['MadeBy_menu'] = 'Fertigkeit|Anzeige, wer es herstellen kann';

Line 16
$lang['MadeBy_title_addon'] = 'Wer kann es';

Line 17
$lang['MadeBy_desc'] = 'Anzeige, wer es herstellen kann';

Line 23
$lang['whocanmakeit'] = 'Wird hergestellt von';
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