EQDKP - Roster/Class/Rank

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EQDKP - Roster/Class/Rank

Postby dcwarcraft » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:00 am

Hey all. I have looked all over the web for this information and so far I am coming up empty. I posted on the WowAce Forums and the EQDKP Forums. It's been over 10 days and there are no responses that help me. My old guildmaster used this site and told me the members here are very knowledgeable so i thought I would give it a chance.

Any help you can give is appreciated.


Player Class and/or Rank
I am interested in having player Class and possible Rank also show up in EQDKP. Right now, no class info is displayed which sucks.

How do I pull player information into EQDKP.
This includes things like Guild Rank, Class, Level etc.

If I need website plugins or add ons please link them here.
If I need to edit the code of EQDKP or use a script, please be very specific as I will be passing this info along to another tech support agent who is far smarter than I at this....

Our Setup:

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Our EQDKP Site: http://www.litanyoffury.com/eqdkp/
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How we parse Information (if this matters at all)
We use Nihilum Raid Tracker (NRT) to track in game attendance and loot.
I upload this to EQDKP using the CT_RaidTracker Website plugin.
All of this works great so far but I really want the Class/Rank Info.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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WR.net Apprentice
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EQDKP - Roster/Class/Rank

Postby sturmy » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:14 pm

try the IG mlDKP / EQDKP addon, I've used it for years to import my raids in EQDKP with all classes / genders / levels. Guild Ranks are not supported if I recall correctly, this would require a sync to e.g. wowroster or a modding of the addon.
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