Armory sync bug error help Read me!!!!!

Sync Blizzards' Armory data with WoWRoster (addon depreciated no longer works see ApiSync)

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Armory sync bug error help Read me!!!!!

Postby Ulminia » Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:30 am

ok i am working on armory sync outa the kindless of my heart because its an swsome addon and i wana add achivements into it ... so you wana post you have an issue this is what i want befor i considder maken a post any more ..

your server setup
php version (i support php5 only)
a link to your phpinfo.php file in your roster.
your roster url so i can see the info ...
do not post notices ... they are not issues as of yet they are occuring because of no if (is_array()) statments i am slowly adding to the addon
and start your own topic unless its the same as some one elses..
next svn version will be in a cuple days i hope im slowly fixing issues and rewrighting some things ... dont .. DONT ask for status updates you will get them when i have them.. lol

sorry to be blunt but this is a huge addon and verry much in demand i need as much info as possable to make it work for every one...
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