ArmorySync error...

Sync Blizzards' Armory data with WoWRoster (addon depreciated no longer works see ApiSync)

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Re: ArmorySync error...

Postby Potts » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:23 pm

Argh im not having much luck here!

When I try to add my guild I get
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Fatal error: Call to undefined method ArmorySync::setTimeOut() in /home/alexnpet/public_html/roster/addons/armorysync/inc/armorysync.class.php on line 280

I read what was posted so I used the other way around it and I keep getting
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Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/alexnpet/public_html/roster/addons/armorysync/inc/talenticons_.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in /home/alexnpet/public_html/roster/addons/armorysync/inc/armorysync.class.php on line 754

Its also not syncing talents.

This does seem to be a global problem so ill wait for a fix or the next version to come out.

Is there currently any way around this?, its just not working.

Cheers in advance Potts

Oh and this, dont know if it will help you.
Code: Select all

ArmorySync Error Infos
Line   Time   File   Class   Function   Info   Status
752   20.3683   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySyncTalents   getTalents   Fetch talent tree icons from blizzard   Failed

ArmorySync Debugging Infos
Line   Time   File   Class   Function   Info   Status
421   0.0013   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _checkAuth   Checked authentication   OK
137   0.0014   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _checkEnv   Checking environment   OK
143   0.0015   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _isRequiredRosterVersion   Check required Roster version   OK
148   0.0015   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _isRequiredArmorySyncVersion   Check required ArmorySync version   OK
147   2.6776   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySync   _getCharacterInfo   Parsed character infos   OK
546   20.1428   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySync   _getEquipmentInfo   Parsed equipment info   OK
149   20.1431   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySync   _getSkillInfo   Parsed skill info   OK
150   20.2568   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySync   _getReputationInfo   Parsed reputation info   OK
752   20.3683   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySyncTalents   getTalents   Fetch talent tree icons from blizzard   Failed
151   20.3703   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySync   _getTalentInfo   Char: Charmainé (deathknight) Parsed talent info   OK
86   20.3703   inc/armorysync.class.php   ArmorySync   _getRosterData   Parsed all armory data   OK
972   20.4025   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySync   synchMemberByID   Synced armory data for Charmainé with roster   OK
231   20.4263   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _updateStatus   Updated charcter job status   OK
233   20.4459   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _updateStatus   Updated charcter job status   OK
235   20.5039   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _showStatus   Printed status window   OK
237   20.504   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _link   Printed reload java code   OK
172   20.504   inc/armorysyncjob.class.php   ArmorySyncJob   _startSyncing   Finnished sync job   OK

And some more, some image links were incorrect so I had to copy to fix it.



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Re: ArmorySync error...

Postby Ulminia » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:44 am

registered images and globals are an issue with the addon at this version the next version releasing with roster 2.1 is more stable and functional... stay tuned...
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