Duplicate entry - Enchantment - French

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Duplicate entry - Enchantment - French

Postby Wisblade » Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:54 pm


Everytime I upload my profile, there is a duplicate entry in Enchantment (cloak enchant) that causes a failure in the update.

1062: Duplicate entry '53-Enchantement-Ench. de cape (Résistance aux arcanes supérieu' for key 1
INSERT INTO `roster_recipes` SET `member_id` = '53', `recipe_id` = '44596', `item_id` = '', `recipe_name` = 'Ench. de cape (Résistance aux arcanes supérieure)', `recipe_type` = 'Enchanter', `skill_name` = 'Enchantement', `difficulty` = '1', `item_color` = '', `reagents` = 'Poussière d\'infini [x20]
Terre éternelle [x1]', `recipe_texture` = 'trade_engraving', `recipe_tooltip` = 'Enchantement: Ench. de cape (Résistance aux arcanes supérieure)\nComposants : |n|cffff2020Poussière d\'infini (20)|r, |cffff2020Terre éternelle|r\nEnchante de manière permanente une cape. Cette dernière augmente la résistance aux Arcanes de 20. Nécessite un objet de niveau 60 ou supérieur.'
File: lib/dbal/mysql.php
Line: 234

OK, duplicate names aren't WoWroster's problem, that's Blizzard Localization team problem.

But the problem is that the update die on this, instead of continuing (and logging the error, of course), so everything is messed up for a SINGLE duplication... Worst, the "recipe_id" is NOT the same for each enchant, and is unique. Indexing by ID instead of name should have solved this problem without any error.

Can I expect a fix, or at least a more tolerant update ?

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Re: Duplicate entry - Enchantment - French

Postby PleegWat » Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:44 pm

Most of those tables have only had blizzard-provided IDs since 3.0. Before that we had to use the name because we didn't have anything else, and I think none of these places have been updated.
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Re: Duplicate entry - Enchantment - French

Postby tuigii » Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:52 am

I just checked my roster_recipes table.
Any entries where `recipe_id` are set to NULL (old situtation) are gone.

I used phpmyadmin to mount an index to `recipe_id` - you should do the same - if these one are unique, the your case/question will be solved.
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