Is there any interest ....

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Is there any interest ....

Postby jam4 » Tue May 05, 2009 3:32 pm

in integrating wowroster and e107 at this point in time. If there is I am willing to start working on something useful.
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Re: Is there any interest ....

Postby tuigii » Mon May 11, 2009 2:06 pm

Well, I use e107 and WowRoster for several years now.

It's rather easy to write plugins for e107 that interface with WoWRoster, that's not the issue. It might even work if it's converted as a plugin for e107.
Putting the WoWRoster behind a big iframe, with all the nasty side effects => no thanks.
And the main question will always remain: Players drop by with ideas and huge plans .... then they start to look at the code because this is, as nearly every free project : "a big do it your self plan if you want to do something else". A couple of month later: they don't even play WoW any more…. :roll: (no offense here, just my point of view after hanging around here for a while) - a workable solution needs to be maintainable, and one has to know WoWRoster (template system) and e107 rather well if you want to find something nice.
Also, I never found the real need for doing so - not even the access protect the WowRoster pages - the member password of my guild for the roster isn't used very often.

Bottom-line : for security and easy of maintaining, I always separated the two. For my Guild members, well, they have to click on ONE button to reach the Roster - or Uniadmin, or ....

If you have something to show, please do so - I admit that I'm curious ^^
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