Armory sync how to?

Sync Blizzards' Armory data with WoWRoster (addon depreciated no longer works see ApiSync)

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Armory sync how to?

Postby Elethil » Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:45 pm

I'm back to wow after a long break. I wanted to check out the good old wowroster and get one up and running again right away! I'm new to armorysync and can't seem to find any basic how to's. I have it up on my roster as an addon. But it doesent' seem to want to find my guild. Am I missing something obvious? I have not actually uploaded any data as of yet however. Do I need to do a full guildprofile upload first then set AS? AS is totally new to me here. Does it simply do updates after you have uploaded?
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Re: Armory sync how to?

Postby Ulminia » Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:33 pm

AS how too...

1 upload your guild and set up roster for your guild ... (upload rules)
2 makesure all info in the roster matches your guild on the wow armory
3 in the guild pannel there is a button "ArmorySync Characters" Synchronize your guilds characters with Blizzard\'s Armory
press this button and away it should go .... it may take a while depends on your servers speed and your host settings...

MAKE SURE!!! CURL is an option on your server .. of as will faill big time .. the next version will have a function check for this im not done it yet but i hope to be soon....
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