Some box(Rostername/login) don't apear in default theme

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Some box(Rostername/login) don't apear in default theme

Postby Weastbug » Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:33 am


Some box don't apear in default theme:
WoWRoster Name / Description
Login box / Logout

I have this error:
Code: Select all
PHP Errorscache/
  Notice line 1: Undefined index: ROSTER_MENU_BEFORE
  Notice line 12: Undefined index: S_MENU_TOP_LOCALE
  Notice line 21: Undefined index: S_MENU_SELECT
  Notice line 38: Undefined index: S_MENU_ICON
  Notice line 40: Undefined index: ROSTER_MENU_TITLE
  Notice line 41: Undefined index: S_MENU_SUBTITLE
  Notice line 61: Undefined index: U_MENU_HEADER_03

With Roster3 theme i have all and no error.

Thanks, Weast.
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Re: Some box(Rostername/login) don't apear in default theme

Postby zanix » Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:42 am

We do not provide any support for the SVN version of Roster, you are on your own there

The default theme is going to be replaced with the roster3 theme as soon as I change the folder names
The default theme will no longer exist
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