Main/Alt-Relations sometimes work, sometimes not

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Main/Alt-Relations sometimes work, sometimes not

Postby holdan79 » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:47 am


My (new) Roster can be found at:

I Have the current stable Version of Roster and its addons installed.

I personally have 10 Chars in my Guild. My Main, Balzariel, has my Realname in its public note (since this doesn't match any Main it is discarded by MembersList and he is treated correctly as Main).

All my ALTs do have a public note like: "Balzariel > leatherworking" or something like that. The first Word is ALWAYS the Name of my Main.

The funny thing is that 7 of my 9 ALTs are interpreted and sorted correctly, the other 2 are treated as "ALT of ALT" and therefore shown as Mainless ALT. The Name in the public note is correct and there is only one configuration made in MembersList... Any Ideas what this could be?

My Config:
[public note]
try to resolve

I'm using a german interface, don't know if that might cause any trouble?

I guess the Regex et cetera are ok cause it works in 7 out of 9 cases...

I hope anybody has an idea to solve this...
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