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New Roster2.1

Postby GemDog » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:49 am

I dont know what to say but OMG!!! i love it, below are some notes from what i saw real quick and poked around. i didnt know how much system info you needed so to start off i gave you all of it except the list of tables, but anyway as you suggested if i decided to beta it, post the info here for now. tell what eles you need to know. other than it is pretty much a noob proof installation :glad: if i can do it so can my dog!
also Q. will the auto update work? or use the SVN and if using how do you just send the different files and not the entire install?

Viewed with FireFox3.6
OS Linux
Server Software TimmiT HTTPD Server powered by Apache
MySQL Version 4.1.22-standard

PHP Settings
PHP Version 5.2.12
PHP API Type cgi
safe_mode Off
open_basedir Off
allow_url_fopen On
file_uploads On
upload_max_filesize 800M

GD Support
GD Status On
GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
FreeType Support Yes
FreeType Linkage with freetype
T1Lib Support No
GIF Read Support Yes
GIF Create Support Yes
JPG Support Yes
PNG Support Yes
WBMP Support Yes
XPM Support Yes
XBM Support Yes
JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support No
Config Values
Show Entire $roster->config array
db_version 6
db_prefix roster_
debug_mode On (extended)
roster_lang enUS
img_url img/
interface_url img/
img_suffix jpg
use_update_triggers On
rs_mode On

1. Keys view grows off screen
2. Guildinfo blank (no box)
3. unable to click member after armory sync
4. guild MOTD not centered??
5. Guild Panel(title dosnt always show) all the buttons restack on eachother except 2 armorysyncmemberlist (Solved)and async_button6??
6. realm panel buttons stacked up(solved)
7. class skills missing numbers ---
8. talents there / missing borders(solved)
9. if you click the guildmembers button error shows on right of screen { TRANSLATE Member_Profiles }<
then a band with char. name race and current spec. which looks good.

10. Login issue with top left love (solved, but dont know why)
11. access denied login ... no love (solved, but dont know why)
12. Re-entered admin mode via update profile login ;-)

XX. memberlist dosnt show professions (solved)

and i need to get the Gajillion icons to make it look (edit: need imgpack to solve several issues marked (solved))

for now thats all i noticed but its 3:30am
talk to you guys soon
Edit:5:08pm Est 18th
pic. in reference to 5. and 6. sorry i dint post it last night. ill get the MOTD shot too and the Keys

I could not get the motd to pop up but it was off to the left under the stacked buttons i did notice other stuff guild total on the top left, the page col. sizes extends off the page, professions for gemdog and grezzt do not show.
i really hope this all helps if i have left anything out please just let me know i will grab it for you or get it next time.
one more thing, the load time on the new roster seems a lot slower than the older one did i forget to do something or is this just the way it is?
oh and the debug logs for php and sql did you want them also?
Edit 5:40pm EST 18th
ok this is what happens on a reload, to show the wife ;-) and as you can see the off the page this happens to everything AFTER you look at the keys and the MOTD is now showing, not sure if thats where it is to be, and you can see the buttons stacking.

Edit 8:08pm 18th
OK well getting the Icons have solved some issues, one being the stacking issue still checking everything out, man is this nice!
the only thing that i can see that is unchanged by adding the icons, is when you look at the keys it messes with the next pages and such, other than that...
well i must say this, i am impressed how sever people can come together mush a bunch code around talk about ideas and listen to the end users and come up with a really nice new looking roster, to everyone involved in the re-creation and face lift, to the new addons and updates to come, Thank you all for a product well thought out and maintained, i not just kissing up i really mean it, WELL DONE.
I am going to mess with the addons now,missing, siggen, RP and ill be back.
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