UniUploader crashes when reading updated SV

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UniUploader crashes when reading updated SV

Postby GraysonCarlyle » Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:00 am

If I reload my UI or log out, causing a write to the SVs, UniUploader crashes. I only have one file being uploaded, CensusPlus, and I have Auto-Upload enabled.

If I uncheck Auto-Upload or CensusPlus from the SV list, then it doesn't crash. When both are checked off, any write to the CensusPlus SV file causes a crash. It didn't always do this, so it might be size related. My CensusPlus SV is just over 3MB, which is 1/10 of the 187 .lua files (not including the .lua.bak). I'm on Vista 64-bit and up-to-date .NET. If I could think of any other relevant info, I'd add it.
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