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Current SVN Change Log

Postby Ulminia » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:55 am

This is the recent commit log for the Roster SVN
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Revision: 2248
Roster Trunk:
  • Masked icons in memberslist
  • Removed icon_size setting in memberslist
  • Moved css styles for power bars to main css
    • Moved images to main template images directory

Revision: 2247
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed icon tooltips finally
    • No more breaking when hovering over quantity text
    • changed item hover to trigger on parent div, rather than child div
  • Fixed missing item quality selection in search, wrong variables used

Revision: 2246
Roster Trunk:
  • Updated shell install to check for php version 5.1.0 and higher
  • Changed default interface img suffix to png

Revision: 2245
Roster Trunk
  • update.lib.php
    • recipe count issue resolved coded for both types of counts
  • styles
    • new tooltip css .. some of it any way

Revision: 2244
Roster Trunk:
  • Changed, char-info-recipes reagents show counts inside icon
  • Text file download code now include content-length, so large text files will have progress indicators when downloaded
  • Set minCP and minGP to 1.0.0 since wowroster-profiler is at v 1.0.0
  • Moved item icon tooltips back to mask, since the quantity numbers were messing up the tooltips
  • Updated item.html item icon example to latest style

Revision: 2243
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed, char-info-recipes show collapse setting was reversed
  • Added, char-info-recipes tooltips on quick links
  • Added, char-info-bags/bank tooltips on quick links

Revision: 2242
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed missing talents_build table on new installs
  • Ensured talent data sql file had the latest data
  • Changed constant 'ARMORYSYNC_CACHE' used in armory.class.php to 'ROSTER_CACHEDIR'

Revision: 2241
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed missing talents_build table on new installs

Revision: 2240
Roster Trunk:
  • New look for the installer, matches the default theme!
  • Theme update to install guide
  • Fixed a bug that adds the first added menu button tot he util scope, even if it doesn't belong there
  • Added expertise to players table this time, last commit only added back to pets table
  • Removed theme wrap around RosterCP, it looks funny on some other pages
  • Fixed certain icon masks, notably the icons in the addon installer

Revision: 2239
Roster Trunk:
  • Added locale strings for item quality
  • Fixed quick links in professions addon
  • Classes item::out() and recipe::out() have a new parameter, $small (bool)
    • Default false
    • when set to true, "-sm" is appended to the class name "item"
  • Made icons smaller in recipe and item search
  • Mask icons for vault search
  • Added "heirloom" to item, recipe, and vault search filters
  • Changed .item mask to be inline-block
  • Added css style for item quantity for .item-sm

Revision: 2238
Roster Trunk:
  • Re-added Expertise, reports of its demise are exaggerated
  • Removed unneeded code from bag class
  • Fixed up the recipe output, icons are properly masked
  • Recipe class has new methods for icon, tooltip, linktip access, similar to the item class
  • Another refresh of talents
    • No Ulminia, I did not mess up your arrows!
    • Remove 'row' tpl block, its not needed
    • New points frame, green for partial, yellow for full
    • Added style for ability type talent, just need data in the database
  • Character stats tooltips now use 'real' header
  • pngcrushed some images, saves some space, I'll do more later
  • Removed img/Interface/Buttons/ no longer used
  • Item class, added new level of quality 0=none
    • Moved tooltip to parent div, now tooltips show on any part of the icon
  • Fixed recipe difficulty, since it's now a string in Wr-CP
    • Fixed image url for reagents
  • Fixed importing of reagents, tootips and icons are now passed though the fixer functions
  • Added an inner border to the small poor item mask to hide icon edges
  • Added tooltips to inventory quick links
  • Cleaned up redundant css code for .item Icons
    • Created a smaller 22px version .item-sm , replaces item icons in recipes

Revision: 2237
Roster Trunk
  • constants.php
    • updated addon wrnet url
  • Locals
    • added cataclysm for rep table
  • rostercp.html
    • i made some prity ness added tier 2 table on config pages

Revision: 2236
Roster Trunk:
  • Small HTML stuff

Revision: 2235
Roster Trunk:
  • Proper translations for new race names
    • Note: the female variations are not translated, if they exists

Revision: 2234
Roster Trunk
  • reforging tooltip fixes trans needed

Revision: 2233
Roster Trunk
  • update.lib
    • reagent fixes not parsing data properly
    • recipes.html display fixes unneeded </div> closer fubar'ed the whole display.. *cough* zanix *cough*

Revision: 2232
Roster Trunk:
  • Corrected mime-type for new images

Revision: 2231
Roster Trunk
  • add new race images
  • locals updated with temp place holders need trans on de fr es constants updated

Revision: 2230
Roster Trunk
  • recipe changes for reagents

Revision: 2229
Roster Trunk:
  • Achievement addon doesn't contain any config, so it shouldn't be inserting config options
  • Allowed selection of default tab for character profile
    • Changed memberslist to link to new location for talents

Revision: 2228
Roster Trunk:
  • Selections for default page are now sorted by scope
  • Old javascript functions converted to wrappers for jquery
  • Added check all jquery function
    • On any checkbox input, add class="checkall" and rel="name_to_match"
    • name_to_match can equal any part of the name attribute of the check boxes you wish to check
  • New style for config tab menus

Revision: 2227
Roster trunk/lib
  • item updates
  • locals for garbage lines added
  • updater fix temp till i know whats going on

Revision: 2226
Roster Trunk:
  • Added translations for Archaeology

Revision: 2225
Roster Trunk:

Revision: 2224
Roster Trunk:
  • Styled search
  • New select style no does not try to apply to multiple select boxes
  • Removed credits button from the menu, I bet no one notices
  • Changed search term variable back to 'search'

Revision: 2223
Roster Trunk:
  • Ulminia removed expertise updating, so the db fields have been removed

Revision: 2222
Roster Trunk:
    • This required clearing out the old properties, and setting new ones
    • This means all of the files are updated in this commit
  • Styled select boxes
    • NOTE: Absolute position boxes need to be wraped in div containers
  • Localized login messages
  • Fixed jquery link in license.php
  • Roster now restricted to PHP version 5.1 and higher
    • New aPrint class library
      • Shows MUCH more info than the old aprint.php() function
      • Call with APrint::dump($var);
      • Old aprint.php() function is now a wrapper, second argument does nothing :(
      • New functions available
      • ::classes() Prints a list of all currently declared classes
      • ::interfaces() Prints a list of all currently declared interfaces
      • ::includes() Prints a list of all currently included (or required) files
      • ::functions() Prints a list of all currently declared functions
      • ::defines() Prints a list of all currently declared constants
      • ::extensions() Prints a list of all currently loaded PHP extensions
      • ::headers() Prints a list of all HTTP request headers
      • ::path() Prints a list of the specified directories under your include_path option
      • ::ini() Prints a list of all the values from an INI file

Revision: 2221
Roster trunk/lib
  • url and caching fixes
  • removed expertiese from updater

Revision: 2220
Roster trunk/lib
  • talent changes for armory.lib update.lib changes to exclude some thing and make urls build faster

Revision: 2219
Roster trunk
  • armory_data.php responce error

Revision: 2218
Roster Trunk:
  • Noticed a small black spot on the header and footer images

Revision: 2217
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed notice errors in char.lib.php
    • Added some locale strings for this 'faction_to_id'
  • Edited more mask images to have transparent corners
  • Removed a bunch of unneeded images
  • Adjusted talents a bit
  • Adjusted the footer a bit

Revision: 2216
Roster trunk
  • templates/default/info/style.css
    • cleaned up mu code zanix wont beat me .. cleaned up mu code zanix wont beat me .. cleaned up mu code zanix wont beat me .. get it ? ( simpsons cant sleep clown will eatme joke...)
    • Talent arrows now Allways Yellowish gold better visual apeal..

Revision: 2215
Roster trunk
    talent arrows files and armory class update...

Revision: 2214
Roster Trunk:
  • IE7 fixes for update pop-up
  • Fixed file fields not showing up in update pop-up

Revision: 2213
Roster Trunk:
  • Cleaned up the mask images to have transparent corners
    • Change in css, used clip() to get a nice effect! This removes the icon edges and allows for a mask with rounded, transparent corners
    • Removed icon_mask_1.png and icon_mask_2.png, both replaced with icon_mask.png
    • Removed talent_mask.png, now using menu_40x40_mask.png
  • Changed the footer, credits are now a link with a question mark icon
  • Mini update pop-up code moved to menu.php, since we will only need it if the menu is enabled

Revision: 2212
Roster Trunk:
  • There have been a lot of updates so I upped the version number
  • Updated style of upgrader page

Revision: 2211
Roster Trunk:
  • Locales will no long show in the locale select menu if they are not present in the main localization/ folder
  • Removed WoWDigger from item and quest link lists as it seems it no longer exists
  • Removed Allakhazam from quest links as it seems it has outdated data
  • More HTML fixes
  • More pretty quest link buttons

Revision: 2210
Roster Trunk:
  • More valid HTML fixes
  • First of new design of footer
  • Adjusted bottom credits
  • Re-synced line numbers for main locale files
  • Moved inclusion of mini update pop-up to menu.html
  • Mini members list moved to its own file mini_guild.html

Revision: 2209
Roster Trunk:
  • Remove old color pallet js code and images
  • Deleted cache/as/ folder
  • Widened tier-2 css style image
  • Styled beta notice
  • Fixed some invalid html
  • Fixed hidden header in IE

Revision: 2208
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 8
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2207
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 7
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2206
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 6
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2205
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 5
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2204
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 4
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2203
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 3
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2202
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 2
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2201
Roster Trunk:
  • Part 1
  • Changed license info in comment headers over to GPL v3
  • Changed copyright year in comment headers
  • Changed license info in footer of installer

Revision: 2200
Roster Trunk:
  • Changed license info over to GPL v3
    • Will change the comment headers on next commit
  • Fixed PAGE_INFO error on util pages
  • Updated look of credits and license pages

Revision: 2199
Roster Trunk
  • spec images are tranparent
Revision: 2198
Roster Trunk:
  • Guild vault logs do work, they just need a tab interface

Revision: 2197
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed up the guild vault addon a bit
    • Fixed anchor links
    • Money no longer shows 0 amounts (eg. 100g 0s 0c now shows as 100g)
    • Made vault specific css style for each log action
    • Prettied up the money log

Revision: 2196
Roster Trunk:
  • Added config options for model viewer tab

Revision: 2195
Roster Trunk:
  • Localized some strings
  • Added favicon
  • Adjusted some html elements
  • Fixed upgrade script
  • Updated look of character bags, banks, and mail
  • Fixed anchor links in char-inventory

Revision: 2194
Roster Trunk
    all edits are for the addition of talent arrows on talents page

Revision: 2193
Roster Trunk:
  • Added mini upload profile popup
  • Added some png images for class spec
  • Added jquery ui
    • Applied jquery ui styles all over
    • Still need checkboxes, select boxes
  • Reverted sex id change, CP just needed to be fixed
  • Redesigned login box
  • Redesigned update page
  • update.lib::makeFileFields() is used again
    • pass a parameter to choose the name of the tpl block
  • Member delete will now remove buffs
  • Removed old theme

Revision: 2192
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed update error on line 2701
  • Updated gender constant IDs

Revision: 2191
Rule #4 Zanix yelles at you ... You deserved it...

Revision: 2190
duh for got the mask images

Revision: 2189
Roster Trunk
  • Talent updates
    • talent icon size and added an image mask
    <li>added default talent data for Roster for rosters with no curl support

Revision: 2188
Roster Trunk:
  • I'm sorry, but the spaces were driving my insane!

Revision: 2187
Roster Trunk
  • update.lib.php
    • final icon fix will allways give filename no extention now
Revision: 2186
Roster Trunk:
  • Removed more hybrid talent spec code

Revision: 2185
Roster Trunk:
  • Added jquery
  • Updated main menu to use jquery fade effects
  • Removed submitonce() since jquery can dynamically set all forms to do this
  • Moved character button label code
  • Added guild scope tpl variables
  • Added primary glyph to style

Revision: 2184

Revision: 2183
Roster Trunk:
  • Updated level to 85, skill levels to 525 (for cataclysm)
  • Removed some unused tpl variables
  • Added character name to the char quick button and char menu panel
  • Updated look of RosterDiag
  • Moved menu main tabs to menu.html

Revision: 2182
Roster Trunk
  • update.lib.php
    • added support for new wow-r cp when released....

Revision: 2181
Roster Trunk:
  • Other small adjustments
  • Disabled {menu left} and {menu right}

Revision: 2180
Roster Trunk:
  • Updated look of RosterCP

Revision: 2179
Roster Trunk
  • talent fixes damn thing .. achmed the dead terrorist will getem...

Revision: 2178
Roster Trunk
  • update class changes for new cp and armory.class changes

Revision: 2177
Roster Trunk
  • lib/constants.php updated hard coded talent row and col

Revision: 2176

Revision: 2175
Roster Trunk:
  • Added new roster->data value
    • armoryurl: detects US or EU and sets this to their respective armory urls
    • Updated char info addon to use this
  • Fixed syntax errors in armory.class.php
  • Small layout fixes

Revision: 2174
Roster Trunk:
  • Adjusted talent spec panes to reflect 31 point trees
  • Converted a bunch of spaces to tabs
  • Please use tabs, not spaces!

Revision: 2173
Roster Trunk
  • header readded guild dowpdown menue
  • charlib
  • final armory class fixes

Revision: 2172
Roster Trunk
  • added as cache file
  • new overlib ver updated..
  • many changed in armory class...
  • item and header fixes

Revision: 2171
Roster Trunk
  • talent rank color fixes armory class updates...

Revision: 2170
Roster Trunk
  • um .. i forget?? armory class if for new chaching .. i remember that..... header .... realm list maybe?

Revision: 2169
Roster Trunk:
  • Removed a direct call to mysql_, changed to use Roster db layer
  • Put back error suppression in mysql.php for mysql_num_rows
    • The error handler would pick this up anyway, this just keep the mysql db layer from spitting out an error randomly

Revision: 2168
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed php error in header.php

Revision: 2167
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed some spelling errors
    • Please Ulminia. I know you spell funny sometimes, but double check everything you spell
    • And also, "Roster Control Panel" is a locale variable $roster->locale->act['roster_cp']

Revision: 2166
Roster Trunk:
  • template fixes code fixes and alignment issues..

Revision: 2165
Roster Trunk:
  • template fixed missing page_info tages
  • professions addon fix will no longer spill out of the par if skill > then max
  • armory data updates
  • item.php fixed and others i cant remember

Revision: 2164
Roster Trunk:
  • Adjusted guild motd so image version is enabled when image version is selected
    • Moved updated text version to its proper location
    • Made image version a bit wider
  • Fixed some SQL errors in a couple of members list pages
  • Fixed php error in item.php, an extra ereg before a preg_match was left behind

Revision: 2163
motd changes much nicer now
lib/item.php ereg fixes .. hate php 5.1
added images for motd
css motd additions

Revision: 2162
  • i goofed mad a booboo zanix beat me so i fixed it...
    removal of AND `talenttable`.`build` = "0" in where clause all files

Revision: 2161
Info addon
  • multiple files
    • added build 0 where clause to talents display properly
  • and recipe template fixes and template_enc.php code clean up and fixes
    talent spec icon changes converted to png adding to Roster base...

Revision: 2160
Roster Trunk:
  • Added database change to pages/upgrade.php
    • Remember, all database changes/additions must also be included in this file

Revision: 2158
  • 9 files 9 .. to fix recipes... hate you zanix.... recipes now working tooltips shoing page header name not localized yet new regents table added to Roster structure in both the upgrade and install files..yea sleep...

Revision: 2157
Roster Trunk:
  • localization - file updates ereg function fixes
  • addons/info/inc/char.lib.- php ereg fixes
  • lib/template.php - ereg fixes
  • settings.php - magic quotes not supported any more...

Revision: 2156
Roster Trunk: lib/
  • ereg function fixes tooltips phasing fully now .. wow im goood......

Revision: 2155
Roster Trunk:
  • Fixed broken box in QuestList
  • Fixed a links in MembersList, they were overriding the default css link style

Revision: 2154
Roster Trunk:
  • Linux sh installer
    • Updated svn url
    • Fixed some grammar and spelling

Revision: 2153
Roster Trunk:
  • deDE updates from Nefuh

Revision: 2152
Roster Trunk - Achievements:
  • Added translation strings for member_profiles

Revision: 2151
Roster Trunk:
  • Achievements
    • tpl changes

Revision: 2150
Roster Trunk:
  • Achievements
    • parsing changes.

Revision: 2149
Roster Trunk:
  • Achievements
    • tpl changes
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