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Roster Access and User system

Postby Ulminia » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:54 am

Roster 2.2 will house a whole new auth and access system for roster users and guild

Have your guild members Register for the site there is not much support for so much a user can do yet an addon dev must have some good ideas...
admin and guild and officer default users and the admin can set the passwords so people who are members but inactive can gain access to the site with out registering

Picture being able to say only members of this access lvl get this and no one else now your asking how do we set the levels .. we use guild ranks! this give addons the ability to set more precise access to parts of there addon some addons will have top be updated because of this change but we like updates

Soon more info will be on the wiki and in our forums for devs and the public

Stay Tuned!
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