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Some changes in Roster

Postby Ulminia » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:03 pm

Armory Data:
  • now displays your requests based on daily usage so you can make sire you do not go over your 3000 requests a day unless you have a register key(we have nothing to do with these contact

Main Settings -> Update Access:
  • Blizzard API Private key & Blizzard API Public key - supplyed by blizzard for registered ip's
  • Blizzard API Region - one of 4 addresses based on where your guilds profile is on the wow website for your region (
  • Blizzard API Locale this selection has to match Blizzard API Region for the supported locals for that region if not the default is allways used

Roster Auth/Access:
  • Roster Auth now allowes your guild members to register with the site using a username and password
  • Roster access levels are auto set to users by there guild rank more can be added in the user manager
  • Addons can now allow or deny multiple access levels to guild ranks
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