[REQUEST] Blacklist

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[REQUEST] Blacklist

Postby Manamana » Wed Aug 09, 2006 1:23 pm

I have a blacklist of mains and alts that I don't as GL want in our guild but they sometime sneak back in with their alts----the list is so long neither myself or my officers want to check the list each time we invite someone

HOWEVER, to keep our ranks plentiful, I find myself having to open up officers to invite people, and they just aren't checking the blacklist before inviting

What I would like is a blacklist system that uses the memberlog

In short, I would like to click on a persons name who has been removed from our guild in the memberlog and be led to a login screen where I can add them to the blacklist. I can also add notes to the blacklist member.

Whenever I update the guild roster, I'd like to be able to login to the blacklist addon and have a list generated of persons in the guild that where blacklisted ----kind of like an alert---above the overall blacklist itself
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[REQUEST] Blacklist

Postby Rihlsul » Fri Aug 11, 2006 4:19 am

Yeah, that's a tricksy problem to deal with, no matter how it comes about.

Our guild just decided to try to overcome the issue with policy. Every officer's required to tag invites as to who invited them. And officer folks are to check our blacklist.

If we develop officers that don't adhere to these policies, they become non-officers. ::shrug::

It's sure a challenge. :) I hope the tech can help you get your challenge sorted.
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