[FIX] Public Delete - German Localization

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[FIX] Public Delete - German Localization

Postby DaarianneDarkmoon » Thu Aug 10, 2006 2:11 pm

Open ..\addons\publicdelete\localization.php

Code: Select all
$wordings['enUS']['bad_password'] = 'You have entered an incorrect password.';

Add after:
Code: Select all
$wordings['deDE']['publicdelete_addon'] = 'Daten entfernen';
$wordings['deDE']['currentmembers'] = 'Derzeitige Mitglieder';
$wordings['deDE']['deletepassword'] = 'Passwort';
$wordings['deDE']['bad_password'] = 'Das angegebene Passwort war inkorrekt.';

save, close and upload

should work, does for me.
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