No Pictures/icons in Roster 1.7 (nukeport v2)

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No Pictures/icons in Roster 1.7 (nukeport v2)

Postby Ghostmaster » Fri Aug 11, 2006 4:24 am


I just installed Roster 1.7 Nukeport into my website. Everything looks right exept the missing pictures/icons.

I already have read the sticky note about the problem but I have non problems mensioned i that thread. I have uploadet Imagepack, checked the that the roster is looking in the right place eg. ... ord_25.jpg

But still no pictures/icons are shown.

I also installed PHPraid as a nuke modul and that showes alle the pictures.

Site Data:

Running on:
Unix webserver
Apache 1.3.33
PHP 4.4.0
PhPNuke version: RavenNuke 76
Code: Select all
 * DO NOT EDIT !!!

$db_host   = "localhost";
$db_name   = "egger_dk";
$db_user   = "";
$db_passwd = "'******";
$db_prefix = "roster_";

$module_name = basename(dirname(__FILE__));
$roster_dir = "modules/".$module_name;
define('ROSTER_INSTALLED', true);

I hope somebody have an idea whats wrong


:oops: Blush the answed WAS in the thred :oops:

Closing this thred
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