[FIX] Signature for Names with Special Characters

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[FIX] Signature for Names with Special Characters

Postby DaarianneDarkmoon » Mon Aug 14, 2006 3:36 pm

We all know the troubles with special Characters in Names. Wether its Rübezahl, Nânù or similar weird stuff.

They just don't show up if you want to use them as signatur/avatar.
Yes, you have checked the save-folder of siggen and they are there. But the browser just does not recognize all the crappy special signs...

Well, here is a solution, to how you can make them show:

First of all go into the roster and click on of those names that trouble you.
Now look into the adress-line. Between name= and &server you will see a very strange collection of symbols... well, this is who the browser is translating the name.

Lets take the Name "Nàthariél" this will show up as: name=N%C3%A0thari%C3%A9l&server.

The path to the sigantur would normaly be:
Code: Select all

which, as we know, won't work.

If you want to show the stored image you just copy N%C3%A0thari%C3%A9l and replace the original name with it.
Code: Select all

like so...

And know the picture will show perfectly...

Same works for avatars of course.

Hope that helps. Have fun!

Maybe this could be moved into the FAQ-Section? Since it comes up once in a while. Or use it in the siggen-wiki? I also posted this into the siggen-support, hope thats ok, if not, just delete one of 'em ;)
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