Changing the date format

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Changing the date format

Postby Carissma » Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:02 am

How do you change the date format from day/month/year to month/day/year? ... berlog&d=1


lol, nvm. I found it. It's in the memberlog.php file


Code: Select all
style="'.$wordings[$roster_conf["roster_lang"]]["ml_".$row['type']."_style"].'">'.date("G:i d/m/Y",$row['date']).'</td>'."\n";


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style="'.$wordings[$roster_conf["roster_lang"]]["ml_".$row['type']."_style"].'">'.date("G:i m/d/Y",$row['date']).'</td>'."\n";
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Changing the date format

Postby Averen » Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:05 am

Ah yes I really need to do something about that..

In your addons/memberlog/memberlog.php file

Fing, line 100

Code: Select all

.= '<td class="membersRowRight'. (($striping_counter 2) +1) .'" style="'.$wordings[$roster_conf["roster_lang"]]["ml_".$row['type']."_style"].'">'.date("G:i d/m/Y",$row['date']).'</td>'."\n";

In that line you can see

Code: Select all

("G:i d/m/Y",$row['date'])

Replace "G:i d/m/Y" with your desired date format.

(See here for date format info.)
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