Fixed: Backslashed Double Quotes in Guild Info

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Fixed: Backslashed Double Quotes in Guild Info

Postby mrmuskrat » Wed Aug 16, 2006 11:25 am

If your guild info has double qoutes (and possibly newlines) in it. It will end up looking like:

\"blah blah blah\"\n\"blah blah\"

I found [1.7.0] Guild Info Box has \n in it and extended the fix shown there to cover double quotes as well.

Find this;
Code: Select all
if( !empty($guild['Info']) )
$this->add_value'guild_info_text'$guild['Info'] ); 

Replace with this:
Code: Select all
if( !empty($guild['Info']) )
$guild['Info'] = str_replace('\n'"\n"$guild['Info']);
$guild['Info'] = str_replace('\"''"'$guild['Info']);        

Then do a guild update and you should now have a clean Guild Info page. :thumleft:
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