error on uploading

CharacterProfiler.lua file uploading issues

error on uploading

Postby Toralf » Wed Aug 23, 2006 4:31 am


i host a roster for my gild.
some members have an upload error.
they do this with the roster upload site not with uniuploader.

i checked the version of the charprofiler an it is 1.5.4a.

the problem that comes is:

Cannot update Character Data
1265: Data truncated for column 'crit' at row 1

i check the .lua´s from these mebers an forund a "mystic" in the crit value in the file.
in some files are this:
["CritPercent"] = "20,20",

in the files wich uploades without error stand this:
["CritPercent"] = "20.20",

the problem is only that ",". if i edit the file and change ist to "." the update function without error. but it is very hard to edit every file an to say "...send me you .lua with mail...".

so please help me.
is it a problem with roster or with the characterprofiler addon?
and how can i fix it ????

i use roster 1.7.0
i use php 5.1.5
i use mysql 5

i search for any words wich is show in the error message in your forum but i can´t find any threads about this.

please help!

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error on uploading

Postby sneekygit » Wed Aug 23, 2006 2:54 pm

best thing i can suggest is this

if ever i have problems using the character profiler
i do the following

delete the character profiler from addons directory
then go into WTF folder and do the same for the related file including the backup
put character profiler back on
go into game
do a full scan clicking save at every step
visit bank
click save
open proffessions
click save
visit mail
click save
open bags
click save

you get the idea
then go to your roster page
and select character profiler from upload as usual
but do a guild update too
(put password in box and click upload)

usually fixes things
as i do on the odd occasion have problems with bank
if the bank is changed (items taken out) it either gives me an error
or simply doesnt update the bank (item are still showing even though they are no longer there)

i know my error is a different one to yours, but my solution usually works 90% of the time for me.

hopefully 1.71 will fix this issue.
havent had a chace to test character frofiler 1.6 with roster 1.7 yet, as my realm is still down for the 1.12 patch.

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