Max.resists [roster 1.7 addon]

Addon that shows the maximum statistics possible

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Max.resists [roster 1.7 addon]

Postby Diska » Tue Jul 04, 2006 2:32 pm


Exarladan has done an awesome and long-due rewrite of the maxresists addon. His version has not been added to the download section yet, download version 4.03 from this thread: ... rt=15.html

This addon gives an overview of the various resistances of everyone on the roster. It will automatically find the maximum resistance possible by combining equipment in your bags and bank. Only soulbound items will be used.

The addon can be downloaded from the download section.

Current version: 4.03



- Fixed font size on character details
- Fixed some more German translations


- Fixed German localization which caused the character pages not to show the cloak
- Fixed include path for compatibility with roster 1.7.1


- Fixed keyring showing up in empty slots
- Fixed display of last updated date
- Partially fixed the "All Resistances" page

- Beta filter for level and guildrank (I didn't intend to include this but forgot about, it shouldn't harm anyone though)


- Fixed display when sorting on class or level


- More localisation fixes
- Hopefully fixed display of the right column of the maxresist table


- Fixed class icon url bug
- Added class colors
- Made the guildoverview use the global preferences for displaying the class icon and class colors


- Removed some code that was needed before the trigger was used. This causes a MAJOR speed increase in the guild overview. (Grimicus)
- Fixed class icons
- Removed unnecessary references to style sheets
- Added a Changelog.txt to the zipfile.


- Went through the entire code to make proper use of the $wowdb object (with help from Grimicus)
- Made a small attempt at optimizing memory usage


- Properly updated the trigger to roster 1.7 standards hopefully fixing problems for people with phpbb and roster in different databases


- Fire resistance enchants should now be picked up on German locale (Moondrake)
- Localized one more string


Fixed: View of the Character Pane in Internet Exploder. (Soulcore)
Fixed: Image URL for non-existing-items fixed (hopefully for everyone.) (Soulcore)
Updated: Resist Pane with "official" Border. (Soulcore)


- Ported to Roster 1.7

Pre 3.0

Original addon by Endoh

Known bugs/limitations:

- The all resists acts weird on certain items
- The maximum resistancies do not include racial and set bonuses
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