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UniUploader Change Log

Postby MattM » Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:30 am

fixed - UU Crash if addon can't be downloaded
changed - Now Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or better
changed - waits for updates/sync before launch wow (both auto and button/menu click launch)
changed - Completely rewritten HTTP class
changed - GUI changes
added - configuration for program updater ( Thanks Calystos! )
added - forum/home URL context menu items (updated through UA)
added - Screenshot Protocol - Automatic Screenshot Uploads (optional)
added - option to choose system tray icon
added - option to store/modify files in %appdata% instead of the executable's container
added - optional popup (config tick in options tab) to notify of upload/download errors.
added - custom user agent setting with UA integration+UU settings tab
added - Auto-Adddon-Update timer options
added - Quit UU when Launch Wow option

1. Fixed - long sv name bug
2. Fixed - purge sv file web-wow function bug

1. Fixed - bug not letting sv files check when doing UA sync ( thanks orion1024 )

1. Added - right click an addon for a context menu with 2 options (download,install) ( thanks Vanterax,swampy )
2. Fixed - addon deleter ( thanks Exerladan )
3. Added - button on addons list to sync all addons ( thanks Vanterax,swampy )
4. Updated - will now create sv file if not exist yet for web-wow ( thanks Toto )
5. Added - option to purge sv file before writing ( thanks Toto )
6. Updated - password hidden from debug log ( thanks rouven )
7. Fixed - bug not letting sv files check when doing UA sync ( thanks orion1024 )
8. Updated - French language vars ( thanks shan_aya )
9. Added - UA sync setting: PURGEFIRST
10. Added - new localization: _INSTALL
11. Updated - Upload timeout is now 120 seconds ( thanks Kantri )

1. Fixed - Bug causing registry errors and lost settings.

1. Added - Extensive list of Blacklisted Filetypes (blacklisted files will NOT break addon updates)
2. Fixed - Funky Window Bug (FWB)
3. Fixed - Registry startup key Bug
4. Fixed - Addon Unchecker Bug
5. Fixed - Addons Unzipping to wrong Directory Bug
6. Added - Ability to allow UA to specify addons to delete during addon update process. (Future UA versions will support this, UU is now equipped with this)
7. Added - Addon List Key
8. Updated - TOTALLY Rewritten Help Text
9. Updated - language.ini ( thanks shan_aya and SethDeBlade )
10. Added - 10 more language.ini entries
11. Added - new UA setting ALLOWADDONDEL

UU expects the following type of response:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<addon dirname="someoldaddon" />

1. Fixed - Bug messing up the language selector
2. Removed - UU will no longer delete the old addon folder before updating.
3. Updated - Localization Variables & Language.ini
4. Added - shan_aya to french translation credits (thanks shan_aya)
5. Fixed - UU will no longer have pathing problems when updating addons. (thanks jlaplaca)

1. Fixed - Bug allowing UU to delete Entire Addons Folder.
2. Fixed - Bug breaking Language selector.

1. Changed - Addon List is now a tree.
2. Added - Addon Notes (thanks Zanix,Anaxent)
3. Fixed - Bug with Addons with spaces in their names (thanks Zajsoft)
4. Fixed - Bug when lots of addons are checked (thanks Zajsoft)
5. Fixed - Read only Addon Dirs fail to update (thanks zugster)
6. Fixed - Logic bug in Website ==> WoW controls (thanks Kaite)
7. Updated - Much refined NSIS script (thanks RainRider)
8. Fixed - updating not working (thanks shan_aya,Qro_WoW)
9. Updated - Localization Variables & Language.ini

1. Added - Optional Addons Integration (UA v0.7.0 and above only)
2. Added - Cookie Handling
3. Added - new shiny icon
4. Added - wow launch arguments textbox
5. Added - Installer Now checks for and downloads/installs the .NET Framework
6. Removed - custom user agent settings
7. Removed - license agree yes/no shmeal and license updater
8. Fixed - (403) Forbiden server errors
9. Fixed - can now select bat files in the launch options
10. Fixed - logic in the controls in the updater tab
11. Fixed - (412) Precondition Failed server errors
12. Fixed - URLs getting truncated when updating with UA (UA version 0.7.0 and above only)
13. Fixed - (500) Internal Server Error caused by (invalid Content-Disposition header)
14. Fixed - now saves/retrieves the selected account properly
15. Fixed - Custom WoW location now saves/retrieves properly
16. Fixed - Now doesn't ignore the following settings from UA: AUTODETECTWOW, USELAUNCHER
17. Changed - reordered tabs: Settings, Updater, Options, Advanced, Server Response, Debugger, Help, About
18. Updated - built in help text

optionality of addons doesn't work with uniadmin version < 0.7.0
uniadmin bug (blah.php?foo=bar) remains when using uniadmin version< 0.7.0

1. URL syncronization URL enabled
2. User Agent doesn't save unless it's changed via settings sync or user input.
3. All references to wowprofilers.com changed to wowroster.net

1. Fixed - password now transmitted encrypted when updating addons (when option turned on)
2. Added - Option to change the User Agent
3. Added - when updating addons, old addon folder is deleted before unzipping new one
4. Fixed - program hangs when SYSTRAY option set in UA
5. Fixed - setting SENDPWSECURE in UA no longer disables auto updating of addons
6. Added - ability to manually locate WoW main directory
7. Added - ability to set which SV file to write to when using Web ==> WoW function
9. SV list now shown by default when no settings.ini is present
10. Removed - 'same as main url' button in updater tab & cooresponding UA synchro setting - SYNCHROAUTOURL

1. Added error checking to the settings.ini reader.
2. Debug output now includes the .NET Framework version.
3. OPERATION GETADDON now includes the username/password if they are enabled.
4. Added a checkmark for site->wow "before WoW Launch".
5. Added a download button to site->wow.
6. Added a checkmark for site->wow "before uploading".
7. Added a checkmark for site->wow "after uploading".
8. Added option to use the blizzard wow launcher.
9. Secure Password option disabled until the password field is enabled.
10. replaced the IE/NOTEPAD button text with images.
11. Added a license button to About tab.
12. User must click "YES" button when the license appears or UU exits, once on install, once on every LICENSE.TXT update.

1. Secure password checkmark now unchecked by default.

1. Now only updates the logos if the md5's don't match the server md5's
2. Updater app wait time (for UU to close) increased.
3. SV list sorts the checked SV's to the top, after list population.
4. added variable to uploading: total uncompressed file sizes
5. added version number info to debug log
6. removed unused compresion classes
7. all fonts/sizes reverted to default
8. hopefully fixed rare logo paint bug
9. retrieve data operation now occurs on UU load in addition to every upload
10. notepad/ie buttons added to debug screen
11. many cosmetic changes.
12. SV list auto-populates and uploads even if UU started when selected account has no savedvariables folder.
13. Added option (default checked) to send password securly via md5 hash.

1. Fixed bug that causes UU to crash if ran before updating WoW to version 1.7 or higher.

1. Fixed bug where UU would recheck the defaults even if they arent checked in settings.ini.

1. UniUploader Version naming convention changed from X.XX to X.X.X
2. Clicking on the system notification area icon will always bring UU up on top
3. Addon checker rewritten - now much faster and way more accurate.
4. UniUploader is now using Strong Naming and will fail to execute if tampered with.
5. User Agent string changed to be even more standard.
6. Clear SV Files button added. (clears contents of selected SV's)
7. The language file automatically updates when the language file is obsolete or missing.
8. Minor Cosmetic Changes.
9. Debug messages improved, status bar messages improved
10. Program attributes (when viewing file properties) are now populated correctly.
11. Server response detail comment now shows what url is being uploaded to.
12. All update paths now point to UniUploader version 2.1.0.
13. UniUploader source code is no longer available.
14. Now allows selection of main 'SavedVariables.lua' file for uploading as 'SavedVariables' in the SV list (checked by default).

[b:d934ddde27][color=red:d934ddde27]Note that for this version on, uu will be apart from the < v2.0 updater, but instead on its own update path[/color:d934ddde27][/b:d934ddde27]
1. Adapted to new wow 1.7 SV behavior
2. Fixed client time variable (now ISO 8601 compliant)
3. files' filefields now = (filename - extention(s))
4. browse/auto-path removed.
5. User Agent string changed to be more standard.
6. Clear SV Files button added. (clears contents of selected SV's)
7. New update "path" to prevent users from updating to this version when they shouldn't

1. Increase width of help buttons.
2. Added credit for translations credits: "Nederlands - TheAvenger@Al'Akir"
3. Modified logo panels to "stretch" instead of "center"
4. Added "open with notepad" and "open with IE" buttons in serv response tab
5. Fixed addon updater not looking in \Interface\Addons\ for .nopatch files
6. Added 'clientTime' and 'clientTimeUTC' variables when uploading (hardcoded)
7. Fixed website ==> wow checkbox setting not saving";

1. Changed default additional variables 1 & 2 from user/pw to username/password
2. Changed font for browse button in launch other programs section
3. Changed about tab layout
4. Added a 20 second timeout for searching for UU updates.
5. Added a few translations in FR by Gryndel
6. Fixed UpdateAddons not searching subfolders for MD5's of files

1. Changed server response window to prevent clearing it between primary and additional url's.
2. Added Clear and save buttons for server response and website =>wow data.
3. Added Program launcher for when UU or WoW starts, UU will launch the set programs.
4. Added checkbox for '-OpenGL' argument for launching WoW.
5. Some Minute cosmetic changes and spelling fixes.

1. Added MD5SUM Unique Identification
2. Added error catching for setting logos.
3. Moved around some controls in advanced tab.

1. Fixed massive memory useage and parse/compress/upload multiple times bug when starting UU
2. Fixed logo updating when logo1.gif and or logo2.gif are absent when updating logo.
3. Removed the echoing of xml a second time in debugger window when checking addons.

1. moved some controls around and changed dimensions on a few others.
2. removed "write data as" with the "Website => WoW" system, now UU will write the data to the SV file exactly as output by the URL.
3. Added a URL textbox to the "Website => WoW" system.
4. Added credit to Deutch translator.

1. Settings and About tabs in simple mode are now translated.

1. Language file reformatter removed.

1. Fixed Logos breaking control's bitmaps
2. Tweaks to some labels and checkboxes lengths to fit translated text

1. Fixed Logo Updating process
2. Fixed minor typo in Settings Updater

Version 1 is ready!
I would like to thank everyone for the support and suggestions that I've recieved over the past few months.
Here is the Final 'stable' release:

1. Added French Translation by Gryndel.
2. Added 'Update Language Pack' button.
3. Many tweaks to controls and labels.
4. Added more debugging (watch debugger log when uploading).
5. Changed the Combo Boxes to prevent editing of options.
6. Minor cosmetic changes.
7. Added credits to Translators in About tab.
8. Fixed minor bug that changes the language when updating language pack.
9. Added error catching for reading the language pack. (in case of corruption).

1. Added a simple Language INI file system.
2. Changed most popups to instead show the message in the debugger.
3. Browse button shows up in Simple mode when UU can't find the path.
4. Minor cosmetic changes.
5. Changed server response window to show every result from the add URL's (overwriting prev resp).
6. Popup asking user to hit browse when user clicks Upload when the path is wrong/not set.
7. Added Language selector NOTE: no additional languages yet, to be added to languages.ini.
8. UU now updates languages.ini whenever updating UU.
9. Massive efficiency improvements to the Pre-parser (thanks to laric)

1. Added Simple/Advanced mode toggle.
2. Cleaned up Threading and assigned thread names.
3. Fixed Auto-Pathing.

1. Fixed Addon Updater.
2. Added Log Clear Button.
3. Added support for multilanguage program autoupdate.
4. Fixed bug in readsettings.
5. Minor Cosmetic changes.

1. Added a debugging/logging system w/save log file utility.
2. fixed the logic in the checkboxes for updating
3. Fixed a couple minor issues with the program updater
4. Changed update.exe to prevent it from updating uniuploader.exe if ran from somewhere other than uniuploader.exe
5. Added code to uniuploader.exe that will update update.exe when necessary.
6. Added logo1.gif and logo2.gif update process through critical setting updater. (will add to tutorial soon)

Fix bug that prevents auto-updating from working when UU in on a different volume than WoW install volume.
Auto-updater of Uniuploader app (using demontest.us)
Now uses standard ini system
Fix windowed mode toggle.
Global settings auto updater. (will add to tutorial soon)
Fix the typo on the options tab - "Miscelanious" is in fact spelt "Miscellaneous".
changed "wow addons" tab to "updater" tab
user agent correctly reports, when uploading or retrieving info
added progress bar for downloading of addons
minor cosmetic changes
removed 2 Website==>WoW options, (these are now hard coded, will add to tutorial soon)
changed updating to be multithreading so it wont lock up the form when updating/downloading addons/etc.
moved windowed mode toggle to settings tab above the launch wow button.

-if you put a file called logo1.gif and/or logo2.gif in with UU it will show them in UU
-added context menu option to launch wow with
-wow addon auto-updater system (will make a tutorial on it soon)
-option to start wow in windowed/maximized mode
-new snazzy icon for the program file thanks to davidhildreth

Fixed a bug which sometimes disabled the Upload button.

Fixed a bug which would cause UU to be stuck, and use 100% CPU when reading a large SV file.
Fixed a bug which prevented pre-parsing from working if the SV file has been changed from it's origonal form (not a fresh copy from wow directory) - Pre-Parsing should work with either form of SV file now.
Fixed the server response window, now it shows carriage returns correctly, and does not truncate the response.
Added a file field setting for each additional url option.
Changed code to tell you what went wrong if an error occurs while uploading, instead of crashing.

Pre-Upload 1 second delay to prevent conflicts with WoW when in Auto-Upload on file changes mode.
Post-Upload 2 second "upload block" to prevent infinite "uploading loops" while in Auto-Upload on file changes mode with the "Website ==> WoW" Writer turned on.
Fixed a bug which prevented any data from being uploaded a second time while in Auto-Upload Mode.
Fixed a bug which prevented uploading when the manual delay time has been turned on.
Changed the Form to prevent Resizing
changed the images on main and about tabs.
Fixed a bug in the file reader which would crash UniUploader if it can't read the file - now it displays the error details in a message box and continues.

Bug Fixes & code improvement
Launch WoW button
Website ==> WoW Data transport (using this its possible to transfer information from a website to the savedvariables.lua file and then use a mod to get the data into WoW - hopefully this catches on soon)
startup options: start uni with windows; start wow with uni; start minimized
Optional Upload Delay
Cosmetic changes
Help information changes

Pre-Parser (to optionally cut out unneeded data from the upload)
Bug Fixes
Changes to help information

Numerous Bug fixes
Performance Increases

GZIP compression support
drastically improved loading time

optional variable name for file field defaults to "SavedVariables"

multithreading for smooth reliable uploading
multiple URL's (optional)
multiple variables (optional)
help screen
server response screen
few little changes
cosmetic changes
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