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Introducing The New Download Section

Postby Ulminia » Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:17 pm

Our new download section is up and Running! some features have been disabled for the time being as of now only addon devs and WoWRoster devs can upload addons if you own an addon you can update it but you must be loggin our old download section has been completly ported over to the new system so all of our addons are there if there are any errors you come across with addon pm me on the site here and ial update them as needed

Rss Feeds
Track your fav addons now with our rss feed for each addon or catagory in the download section look for the rss icon on every page!

Now your asking where do i find the new section... click the downloads link on the menue on the left in bold and your there! enjoy

Cheers Ulminia
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