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TortoiseSVN Help

Help with setting up and using TortoiseSVN with the Google Code Project SVN

Set up TortoiseSVN

First, before you do anything!
You need to set up your SVN client so it can update the version meta-data in the files

In this tutorial, we will be configuring Tortoise SVN

Opening Config

All configuring of TortoiseSVN is done through the windows explorer
Right click on the white space and select "TortoiseSVN" -> "Settings"


The settings window will pop-up


Select the "General" tab in the tree menu
Then next to "Subversion configuration file:" click on [Edit]

Download Config File

Info.png Note: Download this config file and copy it into your config file overwriting everything

Checking Out

Now that you have TortoiseSVN set up on your computer, now you can check-out a repository.
"Check-out" is just a fancy name for downloading the repository.


There will be a time when you ask "Some files just got changed in the repository I just downloaded, how do I get those files?"
That is a great question, and the answer is "SVN Update"

The TortoiseSVN User Manual

For anything else not covered in this help guide, there is always the TortoiseSVN User Manual

Happy SVN'ing!

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