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Warning.png Other Locales: For now, this menu has to be made for English, then duplicated once for other languages, which is a huge bummer
So for now, when you change this menu, make sure you scroll down and change the duplicate
Info.png Note: If you need a sub menu, add it here using the guide below!



This is the Main Menu for our wiki

It uses a template parameter and conditionals to display sub menus
The Roster menu is called like so


MainMenu is the name of this template
Roster is the first parameter

** [[SomePage|SomePage]]

This is a conditional that determines if we are printing a sub menu


This means if the first template parameter equals Roster, then display the sub menu


This closes the conditional

If we want a sub menu in a sub menu, then we use more parameters when calling the template


MainMenu is the name of this template
Roster is the first parameter
Addons is the second parameter

** [[SomePage|SomePage]]
*** [[AnotherPage|AnotherPage]]

The Other Locale Duplicate

To make the menu keep linking to the same language, we copy the menu once and add "/{{SUBPAGENAME}}" to the link
This will make the menu link to the pages in the menu, keeping the same locale
If the page does not exist for that locale, then it should link to the English version

The syntax for this is quite complex as we detect if the translated page exists
That is why a template is used to enter menu links

[[PageName|Page Name Text]]


{{MainMenuL|PageName|Page Name Text}}

Some links need to stay linked to the English version, such as the Coding Standards, The Team, and the AddOn SDK
These page may be changed on every release version of our software or even between versions

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