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There are two common ways of distributing UniUploader.

1. in a Zip file, with a preconfigured settings.ini/logo1/logo2 (easier method)
2. as a compiled (with NSIS) installer (recommended method)

This article will explain how to package UU in a zip file as above, and how to compile a pre configured installer using NSIS.

Your "target audience" is whoever is going to be using your UU distribution package. As with either method, you first must set up UU the way you want your target audience's UU to be set up. If you are using UA, it is very important to set the synchro URL and checkmarks in the update tab correctly. Once you have set UU up the way you want, do your users a favor and switch back to simple mode. Exit UU and navigate windows explorer to the folder containing UniUploader.exe and settings.ini. If you want any custom images to show up in UU, save them as logo1.gif and logo2.gif in that folder (logo1.gif 216x144, logo2.gif 320x176). Open settings.ini and remove the following lines from it:


because obviously they could/should be different for each user. Uu will repopulate the 3 missing settings when the new users use it.

This folder and its files are what we will use for both methods. In order to do method one simply zip up the contents and your done.

Method 2:
Go to http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Download and download the NSIS package, and install it.

Download the NSIS script for UU located at the UU download area at www.wowroster.net

Extract the NSIS script zip file, and copy the NSIS file from it to your main UU folder (the one you set up above) edit the NSIS file:


  ;File "UniUploader\settings.ini"


  File "settings.ini"

Save the file, and exit the editor.

Right click the NSIS file and click "compile NSIS script", and the NSIS engine will run and compile your shiny new custom installer for you!

The file "UniUploader_vX.X.X_Installer.exe" will be in the folder with the NSIS script. In addition to installing UU, the installer will also check to see if the user has the Microsoft .NET Framework installed or not (any version) and if not, will prompt the user if he/she wishes to download/install it. If the user chooses not to, the installer will fail and the only thing the user can do at that point is press cancel. If the user clicks yes, the installer will download the .NET Framework 2.0 from download.microsoft.com and will install it right there on the spot. It does the .NET Framework stuff before installing UU, so no more "UU is broken because of an error 135!"


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