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Postby savaticus » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:38 am


My problems with this company are not from an author standpoint but a user standpoint. They are a content trap. They do not let you know in advance that they will not provide you with anyway of retrieving your user generated content and when you ask for it they refuse and lie saying that you agreed to this because it is in their terms of service. It is not. The only ways you have of copying your content without them sicking their lawyer on you is to manualy cut and paste each forum post and article or use a webcrawler. They claim ridiculous things like that the color choices they made in in a GNU GPL licensed module (s4j Featured Members) is copyrightable and that makes the entire module their exclusive copyright. They also have a module called activity feed, two of the files in this module have gnu gpl headers and one has an MIT license header. They claim to hold exclusive copyright over this module because they "paid a developer o make it for them". They have no respect for GNU GPL licenses. They are bad people. My site was

I feel your pain.
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