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Plugin SDK

Most of the Plugin install system is like the Addon system see the AddOn SDK for more info some changes are as such

Each install.def.php for each plugin has to have these vars at the top after the class is started

class eventsInstall
	*	These Vars are used with the new Plugin installer 
	*	@var name - unique name for the plugin
	*	@var parent - the intended addon to use this plugin
	var $active = true;
	var $name = 'events';
	var $filename = 'events.php';
	var $parent = 'main';
	var $scope = 'guild';
	var $icon = 'achievement_worldevent_childrensweek';
	var $version = '1.0';
	var $oldversion = '';
	var $wrnet_id = '';
	var $fullname = 'WoW Events';
	var $description = 'Creates a display of the current ingame event.';
	var $credits = array(
		array(	"name"=>	"Ulminia <>",
			"info"=>	"WoW Events (Alpha Release)"),
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