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Roster Addons

What is a WoWRoster Addon?

A WoW Roster Addon is code that supplements the core components of roster, giving additional functionality and/or other ways to view Available Roster Data or even to create new data

Installing WoWRoster AddOns

All Roster AddOns are placed or extracted to 'roster/addons/'

If you have an AddOn named SomeAddon, then it's folder will be at 'roster/addons/SomeAddon/'
with it's files inside that folder

Some AddOn authors "zip up" their AddOns with just their folder name

 | |_conf.php
 | |_install.def.php

With this type, set the extract location to 'roster/addons/'

While some may put the entire Roster folder structure in the zip file

   | |_conf.php
   | |_install.def.php

With this type, set the extract location to 'roster/'

Next, go to the Roster Control Panel under AddOn Management to install your AddOn

Make an Addon

The Addon SDK will help you in the creation of an addon

List of current Roster Addons

View the Category Listings page to view the list of Roster AddOns

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