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Info.png Note: All the settings have tooltips if you hover over the name


Roster Control Panel

The gateway to the configuration of Roster

This document outlines the basic functions and layout of the Roster Control Panel

Included are Main Roster Settings, Addon install and config, menu config, Roster Diagnostics, and more...

RosterCP Main Config

Main Config

This is the main section of Roster Config, all the main settings for Roster are here to modify

Use the buttons on the left side to navigate the sections of the Main Config

RosterCP Upload Rules

Upload Rules

Configure what guilds and characters are allowed to upload their CP.lua data to this Roster
On the left side, you can choose Guild or Character Upload rules

Use a percent sign % for a wild card
Region is a 2 letter code
US - US or Oceania
EU - For Europe

The rules are divided into two blocks.
For each uploaded guild/char, first the top block is checked.
If the name@rc-server matches one of these 'deny' rules, it is rejected.

After that the second block is checked.
If the name@rc-server matches one of these 'accept' rules, it is accepted.
If it does not match any rule, it is rejected.

For example, if you want the guild "ForgeMasters" on the "EU-Rexxar" server and its members to be able to upload their data
Then enter this info in the the bottom [Add] section of the Allow box.

If you want all guilds on the "US-Dreanor" server to be able to upload, enter "%" under name, "Dreanor" under server, and "US" under region in the Allow box.

If you want to allow all servers on "US-Doomhammer" to upload except the guild "Monkey F ers"
Then enter "%" under name, "Dreanor" under server, and "US" under region in the Allow box.
Then enter "Monkey F ers" under name, "Dreanor" under server, and "US" under region in the Deny box.

Character rules work the same way, just substitute guild names for character names in the examples above.

RosterCP Menu Config

Menu Configuration

This section of RosterCP allows you to rearrange the buttons in the roster menu

Along the left side you can select the menu section to edit, add a custom button, and a box to drag buttons to be deleted

Make sure to hit the [Save Settings] button to save your changes

Info.png Note: You can only delete menu buttons you made with the custom button maker
Drag buttons to the Unused Buttons box to remove other buttons from the menu

RosterCP AddOn Installer

Addon Management

AddOn installer, upgrader, and uninstaller

The table is divided into 4 columns

RosterCP Password Config

Change Password

This is where you can change the passwords that Roster uses

There are currently 3 users in Roster

These passwords are used in many places in Roster and used by addons

RosterCP Reset Config

Config Reset

Simply put, this resets all the Roster config settings to their defaults

Guild data, Character data, Addon config, Addon data, menu buttons, and upload rules will be saved.
The guild, officer, and admin passwords will also be saved.

RosterCP AddOn Config

AddOn Config Area

The next set of buttons are links to the various admin sections for Roster addons

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