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WoW Roster Change Log
WoWRoster Change Log
Last Release (v2.0.2) December 21, 2008
Last Release (v2.0.2) December 21, 2008
You can view the open source project at -
You can view the open source project at -
For corrections and/or suggestions -
For corrections and/or suggestions -
1.x changes are not shown here, please visit [[Roster:ChangeLog:1x|WoWRoster 1.x Change Log]]
Last Edit: [[User:Zanix|Zanix]] 22:26, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
Last Edit: [[User:Zanix|Zanix]] 05:38, 19 August 2009 (UTC)
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Alpha</span><br>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Alpha</span><br>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Updated 22:26, 5 April 2009 (UTC)</span><br>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Updated 05:38, 19 August 2009 (UTC)</span><br>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Changes as of [ SVN-1948]</span>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Changes as of [ SVN-1953]</span>
<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">This can and will change at any moment</span><br>
<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold;">This can and will change at any moment</span><br>
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** item::slot == 'Ammo'
** item::slot == 'Ammo'
** Roster and the core addons have been updated to this new format
** Roster and the core addons have been updated to this new format
** Any icon tooltips using the old format will display  
** Any icon tooltips using the old format will display
* Added item.html template, an example of how to build an item container (not used in Roster)
* Menu is now initalized earlier, hopefully reducing menu errors when Roster errors
===General Fixes and Enhancements===
===General Fixes and Enhancements===
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** Leftover {L_*} koeys are not strictly locale keys, mainly tooltips or other php set values
** Leftover {L_*} koeys are not strictly locale keys, mainly tooltips or other php set values
** Some core addons may not have been updated
** Some core addons may not have been updated
* Added is_writeable() before template is written. Fixes issue in step 0 of install when the cache folder may not be writeable
* Added is_writeable() before template is written. Fixes issue in step 0 of install when the cache folder may not be writable
** This has been tested very lightly. If there are any issues with caching, look here first
** This has been tested very lightly. If there are any issues with caching, look here first
* New, theme.js is used for theme specific javascript, such as tooltip styling
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* Added guild vault addon (zanix)
* Added guild vault addon (zanix)
* Added a shell-based install script. Tested on linux. Will probably work on anything that has bash. (pleegwat)
* Added a shell-based install script. Tested on linux. Will probably work on anything that has bash. (pleegwat)
Released - February 14, 2007
* Updated lua code and parsing for WoW 2.0.3 (pleegwat)
* Many locale updates (zanix)
* MOTD now converts html characters properly (zanix)
* PvPLog now detects realm along with names for data insertion (zanix)
* Reverted spellbook fix for Opera browsers, it breaks IE 6 (zanix)
* Setting header logo or background image in Roster Config to nothing will remove the header logo and background correctly (zanix)
* Bank bags will now show 7x4 instead of 4x7 (pleegwat)
* Added support for Jewelcrafting, Blood Elf, and Draenei (zanix)
* Raised level cap to 70 (zanix)
* Fixed shaman class coloring (zanix)
* Talent Points should insert properly now (zanix)
* Removed Current PvP Ranking from Roster, the WoW API no longer provides this information anyway (zanix)
* Added EU ES url for realmstatus (zanix)
* Added primary keys to the spellbooktree, spellbook, talenttree, and talent tables (pleegwat)
* Fixed update triggers where there are addons with no triggers (zanix)
* Fixed rare notice in menu.php with update time (zeryl)
* Fixed tradeskills.php to accept an arbitrary number of different tradeskills (pleegwat)
* Added a result validity check for the tradeskill icon query in the main members list (pleegwat)
* Many fixes to rosterdiag (zanix)
** Added addons folder to ignore list
** Fixed valid html errors
** On file compare, longer lines do not have to be scrolled individually
** Changed php highlighting to return string and removed output buffering
** Changed/fixed some stuff in the remote file checker code
** Hopefully fixed "endless loop" when is down
* Modified the update trigger lib to global the $addon_conf and only load addon configuration once (pleegwat)
* Changed realmstatus to accept new xml status page for EU realms (zanix)
* Set all 'old' instance keys that are not pickable with 300 lockpicking to need 1000 lockpicking (pleegwat)
* Fixed memberlog last page button to start at a multiple of 30 (pleegwat)
* Fixed memberlog previous page button to not produce a negative start number (pleegwat)
* Changed messageboxtoggle() and scrollboxtoggle() to use the JS showHide() which results in less html code printed (zanix)
* Added a check for empty members list on update (pleegwat)
* Fix to tradeskills.php noted here - (zanix)
* Moved setting of header() to roster_header.tpl (zanix)
* Bag code and css cleanup (zanix)
** Combined many css defines between bag and bank
** Made corners transparent :)
** Removed redundant code
* Fixed a preg_replace() in function colorTooltip() for color strings that might have UPPERCASE codes (zanix)
* Moved to explicitly including each of the language file in a new file in the languages folder (pleegwat)
** This means 1 extra operation when adding a language, namely adding it to the array in localization/languages.php
** This also fixes the inclusion of back-up locale files
* Made a small change in the key page to cut the number of sql queries down by almost half (zeryl)
* esES locale '''May not be complete!'''
* Changes to the upgrader, we now have a common function for upgrading (zanix)
* Added 2 constants (zanix)
** Updated Roster to use these
* Added 4 new update trigger hooks (pleegwat)
** ''char_pre'' is run before character updates
** ''char_post'' is run after character updates
** ''guild_pre'' is run before guild updates
** ''guild_post'' is run after guild updates
* Added some code, js, css to change the look of text boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes (zanix)
** For checkboxes and radio buttons, some js has to be used to dynamically replace the buttons
*** Set $body_action before you include roster_header.tpl
*** example 'onLoad="initARC(\'config\',\'radioOn\',\'radioOff\',\'checkboxOn\',\'checkboxOff\');"'
*** initARC('formID','radiOnClass','radioOffClass','checkboxOnClass','checkboxOffClass')
** For text boxes, it's just some css magic, class="wowinput"
*** The only bug is that the size is fixed, so I provided additional css defines wowinput, wowinput192, wowinput128, wowinput64
Released - December 29, 2006
** There are no longer any Roster AddOns included with Roster
** To get addons like SigGen, MadeBy, and must download them separately!
* register_globals destroyer added to remove any problems with this setting (zanix)
* Installer now checks if a locale file exists before displaying it as an option (zanix)
* Riding Icons should now function in all locales [Thanks Romish] (zanix)
* Offset in keys page for horde guilds (zanix)
* Plus/minus boxes not showing for collapsible messageboxes [Thanks Snykx] (zanix)
* realmstatus.php not showing text with accented characters (zanix)
* Division by zero errors in index.php and char.php (zanix)
* Character page on systems with magic quotes off (slashes are added by settings if it's off, but not stripped here) (pleegwat)
* Server names entered with an apostrophe in the name not being entered into the database correctly (zanix)
* Fixed Horde Onyxia Quest Chain in keys page (zanix)
* Added actual MOTD in alt tage for image mode (pleegwat)
* Debug Improved (pleegwat)
** Renamed 'show process time/db queries' to 'debug mode', also updated tooltip for this option
** Added query reporting for trunk if debug mode is on
** Now printing full debug trace when dieing if debug mode is on
* Slight change to quest tag rendering (zanix)
* Fixed mail tooltips (pleegwat)
* Fixed char.php so it can be called without server parameter again (pleegwat)
* Guildbank for frFR locale with Bind on Equip (zanix)
* Removed is_numeric check in wowdb as it is safe to insert quoted numbers (zanix)
* Guild motd is now hidden when there is no motd (zanix)
* php time format for enUS (zanix)
* Moved mrmuskrat to retired devs (zanix)
* Added bsmorgan to pvplog dev (zanix)
* Mail inserts items when there is actually an item sent (zanix)
* Hopefully update.php will spit out a better error then an empty update log (zanix,pleegwat)
* 'no item equipped' is now localized (pleegwat)
* item_id length fix, apparently blizz has longer item id's now (zanix)
* Hopefully fixed a notice with some addons in menu.php (zanix)
* Changed Rankexp to a float in DB (zanix)
* Dirty mysql-only hack to fix the double entries in recipe. If it works for 1.7.2 it's fine with me (pleegwat)
* Split up the reputation value column into a curr_value and a max_value column (pleegwat)
* Removed extra space after ?> in some files (zanix)
* Sorting error in member log (zanix)
* update.php will now tell you that uploading is disabled, instead of just showing the fields and acting like it might let you (zanix)
** UniUploader users will also get the same error upon uploding files
* Reformatted character update process a little, made it more streamlined (takes less vertical space) (zanix)
* Maybe fixed the member update time error (zanix)
* The Roster menu should now be able to get locale strings form addons correctly (zanix)
* Added more header() calls in settings.php dealing with cache control (zanix)
** Set $no_roster_headers = true before including settings.php if you don't want header() to be set at all
* CP 2.0 and GP 2.0 compatibility added, no new features (zanix,pleegwat)
** Roster 1.8 will get most of the CP 2.0 changes
** Character page changed to reflect some of the changes
** Honor tab changed to PvP, for new look
** Changed honor column to hide by default, both on new and on current installations
** Removed honor progress bar in index page
** DK's removed from PvP tab, CP inserted to replace them
** Removed rank percentage bar
** Removed rankname from character name in char page
** ThisWeek and LastWeek Honor Removed
** "HonorRank" of the "Faction" removed from player notes
** hslist.php is now basically useless
** SQL updated again to removed outdated fields
** indexhonor.php updated for less honor stuff as well
* Added PvPLog realm support
* Poisons added to tradeskills (zanix)
* Added a file 'c.php' that can create extremely short links to characters, and in the future other parts of roster (pleegwat)
** Example of use
** Can be moved to a location outside the main roster by setting the relative url variable in the top of the file
* Added parsing messages to the log. There should now always be meaningful log messages on upload (pleegwat)
* Added level overview for levels 61-70 (pleegwat)
* Added felgard pet icon (zanix)
* Added 'item_level' to items and recipe tables (zanix)
* Added function message_die() (zanix)
** This is similar to messagebox() except that Roster dies after printing the message
** Changed a few places in Roster to use this
* Added a character buffs table, why? ...I was board and wanted this for some strange reason (zanix)
* New global array $guild_info (zanix)
** This array contains all the data from the guild table
Released - October 21, 2006
* Multiple deDE translation fixes (Sphinx)
* Reputation addon fix for apostrophe in faction names (mattm)
* SQL parser for install.php and upgrade.php (zanix)
* JS error on character pages [Thanks Fangorn] (mathos)
* chmod usage & path of conf.php in install.txt (peperone)
* Typo in index.php and upgrade.php (zanix)
* Roster should validate html 4.01 again (zanix)
* Localization-related problem in lib/reputation.php [Thanks Gorgar] (zanix)
* Double slashes in interface images causing some servers to not allow access to these images (zanix)
** This requires re-uploading of data to the DB
** wowdb.php now processes the interface images instead of the display pages
* \n appearing in Guild Info. CP changed how this was stored (zanix)
* Hopefully fixed errors where people can't reach config.php (zanix)
** Access to config.php has been changed to "roster/admin.php"
* Talent Tabs, the first one will now show correct formatting (zanix)
* Points spent in talents now uses a css style .talspent, like it was supposed to (zanix)
* Color of talent ranks swapped to match game (zanix)
* install.php and upgrade.php should now detect it's full server path and hopefully get rid of those nasty "cannot include template.php" errors (zanix)
* Upgrading from 1.6.0-1.7.0 has been improved by now detecting the correct url path instead of using the old conf.php variables (zanix)
* Possible security flaws in commonfunctions.lib.php, login.php, menu.php, and rosterdiag.lib.php (zanix)
* Small fix to install/template.php to include the template files with full path (zanix)
* $addonDir variable is now in menu.php so addon locale/config files possibly using this var will have it (zanix)
* Time display for deDE locales (zanix)
* Item- and questlink for for deDE locales (sphinx)
* Couple of localization issues with indexpvp (zanix)
* Character PvPLog pages (zanix)
** Fixed blank row weirdness when there is no data to display
** Fixed class icons for deDE
** Added class icons for battleground summaries
* Realmstatus revamped with reg_ex html parsing and new fonts/graphics (pleegwat,zanix)
* Added checking for character info in the tradeskill icon function for the main pages (zanix)
** If there is none, then no query is made
** This reduces the amount of queries on the main pages
* Spellbook fixes with ' apostrophes in the names (zanix)
* Removed SQL coloring on update screen, in same cases this causes errors (zanix)
* "Required Level" for recipe fix for locales other than enUS (zanix)
** Added "Required Level" for standard items as well
* CP changed how quests show as (Completed) or (Failed) and fixed accordingly (zanix)
* roster_quests.quest_index is now being set correctly (zanix)
* Made melee_range and ranged_range fields longer since CP seems to be picking up color info for those (zanix)
** Fixed lib/char.php to display the color info correctly
* Fixed last online times for last_online < 1 hour (zanix)
* wowdb.php fix for empty bags (pleegwat)
* New riding/mount skills recognized (pleegwat)
* Added handling just in case die_quietly() tries to die quietly. (pleegwat)
* Added global slashing for global arrays (zanix)
* lib/menu.php now temporarily holds the current $wordings array, then replaces it so addons cannot overwrite it (zanix)
* Search page changed to use sgray bordering (zanix)
* MOTD and realmstatus are using full paths for images and fonts (zanix)
* Moved the guild update summary to just below "Updating Guild [GUILDNAME]" for easier viewing (zanix)
* Moved 'header logo' to the display section of roster config (zanix)
* Access to update.php has been changed to "roster/update.php" (zanix)
* Activated remote latest version detection in install.php (zanix)
* Bordering images (the corners) are now transparent [Thanks Sahasrahla] (zanix)
* Massive cleaning of styles.css (zanix)
** A lot of things are going to look different
** Basically a lot of base level defines, like h1, h2, span, etc... were removed or replaced
* Quest search now opens a blank window instead of using JS to open a window (zanix)
* Font in MOTD image generator should be more readable, and removed 1px wide black space at the end (zanix)
* Moved main credits to enUS.php (zanix)
* Some date parsing functions changed to use sscanf() instead of substr() (zanix)
* UU detection for update.php, it's a little less picky about the User Agent now (case in-sensative!) (zanix)
* New version of dynamic menu javascript code from (zanix)
** It's easier to use and uses less code
* Removed the "By Class" menu link (zanix)
* menu.php now uses only 1 query in member level distribution (pleegwat)
* Class coloring should be more locale independent (zanix)
* Moved stats from the indexalt.php (Alternate) to indexstat.php (Stats) so we have a single "Stats" list, money is completely removed (anthonyb)
* Changed rep addon, indexpvp.php to auto change page when an option is picked in the select box (zanix)
* Changed pagination for PvPLog stats on character pages (zanix)
* Credits have been changed drastically and now include more contributors to the roster code (pleegwat, mattm, zanix)
* Changed motd.php to get the motd when nothing is passed via motd.php?motd= (zanix)
* Re-organized instance keys layout in localization files (zanix)
* Changed code to use vgjunkie's new js function (zanix)
** Changed tradeskills.php with vgjunkie's edits
** Added vgjunkie's name to the 3rd party credits
* Removed searing gorge key for horde (zanix)
* frFR localization [Thanks wowodo, lesablier, Exerladan, and Ansgar] (zanix)
* Keyring support (zanix)
* Added memberlog, based on the addon created by Averen (zanix)
* phpBB auth has been removed, this is casing too much trouble (zanix)
** Stay tuned for Roster 1.8 for a better solution
* Added question mark bubbles where needed to indicate presence of a tooltip (zanix)
* Confirm dialogs for Roster Config (pleegwat)
* Added mail item colors since CP 1.6.0 gets this info now (zanix)
* New defined constants (zanix)
** 'ROSTER_LIB' - Points to roster/lib/
** 'ROSTER_ADMIN' - Points to roster/admin/
** 'ROSTER_ADDONS' - Points to roster/addons/
* Addition of a class Anchor in the memberslist.php file - (zanix)
* Added affected_rows() to wowdb.php (zanix)
* Added support for a customizable background image (zanix)
* Merged profile-script.js with main.js (zanix)
* Added new config option "alt_image_ext" with default of GIF
** PvPRank badge icons now use alt_image_ext (Transparent GIF images look much better) (anthonyb)
* Added level to recipes on character pages (zanix)
* Added (optional for addon dev) addon credits for main roster credit page (zanix)
** Look at the [[Roster:Addon:AddonSDK#Addon_Credits|AddonSDK]] for more info
* Added roster rendering times and # of SQL queries (zanix)
** This displays at the bottom of every roster page
** You can turn this off in Roster Config
* Added messagebox functions
** See the AddOn SDK for more info
* Added roster_header hooks for addons
** See the AddOn SDK for more info
* Added "Most Killed" and "Most Killed by" in pvplog display for duels (zanix)
* Added dodge, crit, parry, and block to indexalt.php (zanix)
* Added common tooltip colorer to commonfunctions.lib.php (zanix)
* Added $script_filename to addon.php (zanix)
** $script_filename = 'addon.php?roster_addon_name='.$_REQUEST['roster_addon_name'];
* Update.php will show upload boxes for the following addons if they are present [thanks to polodude] (zanix)
** RaidTracker
** EventCalendar
** Bookworm
* RosterLogin Class (zanix)
** Mainly built for addons needing a quick way to put a login box on the page and to check for roster admin access
** settings.php includes this for <u>every</u> page that includes settings.php
** Roster Config and Roster Diag updated to use this new class
** THIS IS NOT AUTH FOR ROSTER. It is only to authenticate the roster admin
** Look at the [[Roster:Addon:AddonSDK#Roster_Admin_Authorization|AddonSDK]] for more info
* Moved most of the overlib calls to a php function that returns 'onmouseover="return overlib(overlib_id);" onmouseout="return nd();"'
** Overlib strings called this way are printed in the footer of roster
** This reduces the amount of text outputted in the html of the page which make rendering slightly faster
** function makeOverlib( $tooltip , $caption , $caption_color , $mode , $locale , $extra_parameters )
*** See commonfunctions.lib.php for more info on these functions
** function cleanTooltip()
*** This is called from makeOverlib() when $mode=1
*** This just converts the wow color strings and brackets ( < > ) to html
** function colorTooltip()
*** This is called from makeOverlib() when $mode=2 or is not set
*** This converts the wow color strings and brackets ( < > ) to html as well as does the famous color parsing the used to be in item.php
Released - June 17, 2006
* Update Profile
** Switched to lua parser from roster2 (Parser Code By Airor/Chris), seems to run better/faster (By zanix)
** gzip uploads do not make temp files anymore, roster should be able to unzip gzip files on the fly (By zanix)
** Removed "Update Triggers" checkbox from update.php(By zanix)
** Update.php now uses "password" to update the roster memberlist. NOT "roster_update_password" (By zanix)
**: Make sure to set up UniUploader accordingly
** Cleaned up output when using UniUploader to upload lua files
** Update.php now supports UniUploader's "Send Password Securely" option (By zanix)
** Roster addon links will now show up on the update page
** Better checking and notification on update for data, notifies if quests, inventory, bank, or equip are not found (By zanix)
** Changed $updGuildOutput = $wowdb->update_guild() to use less arguments and accepts $guild[] array, wowdb now handles the rest (By *zanix)
** Update will only update from the realm specified in config (By zanix)
**: This fixes the same named guild on a different server issue
** Changing your guild/server name, then updating, will now cause update.php to remove ALL members and their info that do not match the new guild id
** Changed to kick back to the input fields when a user hits the upload button and no file is selected
** Added guild update summary
* Character Pages
** Moved js functions defined in lib/char.php to css/js/profile-script.js (By zanix)
** When a character has no talents, "No Talents for CharName" will display (By zanix)
** Changed quest links, using arrays now, much easier to add more links if needed (By zanix)
** Cleaned up how character pages dies when a character isn't found
**: Will show "character not found" instead of displaying weird mysql error
** Profile-script.js now accepts img_url as a parameter (By zanix)
** Changed sorting for "Item" column in recipes page to by name (By zanix)
** Separated item bonuses table from character frame, this fixes the bonuses from moving the character frame (By zanix)
** Clicking anywhere on the tabs (not just the text) will go to that tab (By zanix)
** Fixed a bug in item bonuses that caused the tooltip not to show (By zanix)
** Fixed when honor is not shown, left a float command in by mistake. (By mordon)
** Fixed bug in item bonuses table where right border was using wrong class [Thanks Fyredrake] (By anthonyb)
** Fixed long bag names breaking in FF [Thanks Thorus] - (By zanix)
** Added "Spell Damage" fix for item bonuses [Thanks Micah] - (By zanix)
** Disabled the display of the Item Bonuses table when that character has no item bonuses (By zanix)
** Item bonuses table will always stay the same width, and text will wrap properly (By zanix)
** Changed talent rank icons, they look prettier now (By zanix)
** Numerous xhtml/html compliance fixes (By nerk01, zanix)
** Removed the mass of tables in roster_header.tpl and char.php, replaced with div tags (By zanix)
** The character pages should now validate against xhtml 1.0 Transitional (By zanix)
**: Still doesn't mean they'll display ok in every situation
** Tried again to fix "Mysterious Gap" in IE on character page (By zanix)
** Removed styles2.css and default.css, merged both with styles.css (By zanix)
**: Yes! We have only one css file now!
** Replaced overlib.js, with overlib_mini.js, saves 20kb! and is exactly the same (By zanix)
** Overlib styling moved to the css styles (By zanix)
** Tooltips should display fine over <select> boxes in Internet Explorer (By zanix)
* Misc Display
** Moved upload instructions url anchor to membersList so it won't show on "Guild Not found" error (By zanix)
** Fixed tradeskill icons in memberList (By zanix)
**: Skill order has been corrected, Professions first, secondary skills next
**: Riding skill icons will now display
**: Removed img/trade/ folder as it is no longer needed
** Class icons are defined in the locale files, like the tradeskill icons (By zanix)
**: Removed class images in img/ directory, they are no longer needed
** On Professions page (tradeskills.php) changed default char name link destination from the char page to the recipes page for that character. (By anthonyb)
** Realmstatus text output mode is now a <nowiki><div></nowiki> container, not a table anymore (By zanix)
** Updated valid html logo. Now in new, smaller size (By zanix)
** A new config value, 'interface_url' is for all images that reside in the Interface directory (By zanix)
**: Now you can have your roster images and the Interface images in different locations!
** Most of the main pages now use the memberList.php code
*** indexAlt.php
*** indexStat.php
*** indexHonor.php
*** Removed the following files since they are not used
**** membersList2.php
**** membersStat.php
**** membersHonor.php
** Changed the look of quantity number on items (By zanix)
** Fixed gap between header and contents on bags in IE (By zanix)
** Bag names now use css overflow:hidden; instead of substr'ing it to 25 characters (By zanix)
** Made the Honor and PvP lists collapseable, default display is configurable in Roster Config (By zanix)
* DB Fixes
** Updated wowdb to use newer CP fields instead of depreciated ones. (By nerk01, zanix)
*** [char]["Honor"] = LifetimeHK, LifetimeHighestRank, RankInfo, YesterdayContribution, YesterdayHK, LifetimeDK, RankName, SessionDK, SessionHK, LastWeekRank, YesterdayDK, LifetimeRankName, LastWeekContribution, LastWeekHK, RankIcon, LastWeekDK
*** [char][Guild][GuildName] > Name
*** [char][DateUpdated] > Date/DateUTC
*** [char][Experience] > XP
*** [char][Armor] > [Stats][Armor]
*** [char][Defense] > [Stats][Defense]
*** [guild][MemberName][Group] > [guild]->[MemberName][Status]
** Resistance and stat fields are now stored in the DB as int() values (By zanix)
*** The new fields are named as follows (type = 'res_' or 'stat_')
**** type_name = Base Value
**** type_name_c = Current Value
**** type_name_b = Buff Value
**** type_name_d = Debuff Value
** Every SQL $string that is passed to $wowdb->query($string) will be stored in the array $wowdb->sqlstrings
**: You can then access this array at any point and don't have to worry about saving/printing each SQL string
* Code Fixes
** Removal of extract($GLOBALS) (By zanix)
** Most of the files have been renamed to lower case to ease roster hardships with server OS's that care about filename case (By zanix)
*** The only files that MUST include uppercase letters are the localization files, and files in the Interface directory
** addon.php now uses an html css style link to the css file instead of opening the file and spitting out the contents into the output (By zanix)
** Most submit buttons use JS that keeps people from hitting the submit buttons more than once (By zanix)
** Fixed array based tooltip parsing in wowdb.php. Handles <nowiki><br></nowiki> tags correctly now (By zanix)
** Added a lot of "deny access" strings to files that are not directly accessed (By zanix)
** Added links to config and upload when "Guild Not found" error occurs (By zanix)
** Fixed error when all addons are removed from /addons directory (By anthonyb)
** "No guild" die() message changed to use the value in localization files (By zanix)
** Fixes to realmstatus, it will still take 30 seconds to time out but it shouldn't break the page anymore (By zanix, mordon)
** Replaced guildbank2's icon maker with lib/item.php, cuts down on duped code (By zanix)
** Edited links to original coders as 2 were going to 404 pages (By zanix)
** Item Tooltips will show tabs A LOT better now (By zanix)
** Changed download paths in conf from wowprofilers to wowroster (By zanix)
** Multiple PvP fixes (By Nostrademous, anthonyb, mordon)
** Some corrections of the german translation and encodings... (By sphinx)
** Hopefully fixed some issues using MySQL 5 with "Strict_Tables" on (By zanix)
** Fixed up image pathing to use $roster_conf['img_url'] [Thanks pbutler] (By zanix)
** Added multiple checks for empty tooltips and put the item name in, the idea is to fix them before they enter the db (By zanix)
** File inclusion is handled better with the use of a new constant 'ROSTER_BASE'
**: This is the absolute directory path to the root of roster
** All localization files in the localization folder are now included
**: You can get a list of included locale files (minus the extenstion) from the $roster_conf['multilanguages'] array
** Mass changing of using "mysql_" to use wowdb functions, including inside wowdb itself (By zanix)
*** Addon devs are expected to use $wowdb functions as well
*** If something is missing, let us know
** Made the line numbers match each other in the locale files (By zanix)
*** This makes it easier to find matching strings
* RosterDiag - A Roster Diagnostics tool, displays important config options, gd info, file integrity, etc... (By anthonyb, zanix, mathos)
** You can use rosterdiag.php?printconf=1 to get a printed array of the current Roster configuration
* AUTO-INSTALLER! - Roster now comes with a database table installer, it will also upgrade a current database (upgrades from 1.6.0 only) [Thanks Moondrake] (By zanix)
* Web based config! - Now point your browser at roster/admin/config.php to change the options in roster. [Thanks Zeryl] (By zanix)
* New roster menu, isn't it pretty? (By zanix)
* Character pages display is now set on a per character basis (By zanix)
** Use Roster Config to change the settings
* Guild Info page - See your guild info text. [Thanks Zeryl] (By zanix)
* Revamped the credits page (By zanix)
* PvPLog display has been greatly enhanced (By zanix)
* New header logo! (By mathos)
** There is a psd (PhotoShop) template image that you can edit
* Catagorized GuildBank AddOn is now packaged with Roster
* Added Colorization to Class Names (By nostrademous)
** Option via config for those that find it a bit hard on the eyes, default is class names are in color (By anthonyb)
* Added border($style,$mode,$header_text) function. This is for wrapping something in the nice bordering [Thanks Mathos] (By zanix)
** Accepts 'rank' (the original bordering) or 'scolor' (new slimmer styled borders) for $style for different bordering styles
*** There are many colors including sblue, sgreen, sgray, sred, spurple, syellow, and sorange
** Accepts 'start' or 'end' for $mode to start or end bordering
** Converted alot of the tables to use this, the display is much more consistant in IE vs FF
* Added fancy bordering to guildbanks
* Added allakhazam search on the "Find Teams" page (By zanix)
* Edited look of quests, recipes (By zanix)
* Added a SQL string colorizer function sql_highlight($sqlstring) (By zanix)
*: Returns the sql string, colorized for display
* Added a function to handle die()'s or exit()'s (By zanix)
** die_quietly($text,$title,$file,$line,$sql)
**: $text - What text to display
**: $title - Title of the error box
**: $file - File name, best to use basename(__FILE__) as the argument
**: $line - Line number, best to use (__LINE__) as the argument
**: $sql - SQL text to display, die_quietly will pass this through a SQL colorizer
* Many changes to the look of update.php (By zanix)
** Added the "Cleaner Update Page" Mod [Thanks OverloadUT2]-
** Update info will now display inside a scrollable box
** Added alot more info on updating
** Update trigger lib won't notify if it is trying to run triggers anymore
** There is now a "Save Update Log" button, hitting this will give a downloadable text file of the log messages and all sql strings
* Colorization on removed/added members on update (By zanix)
* Added image based MOTD, configurable in conf.php [Thanks PoloDude] (By zanix)
*: The image will size dynamically based on how long the text is
*: motd.php will take an argument ?motd=Text where Text will show on the image
*: A character limit of (145) has been imposed to keep the image size manageable and to prevent malicious use
* Added honor rank icon tooltip on main member list to include Rank and % (By anthonyb)
* Added many more mysql functions to lib/wowdb.php (By zanix)
<php>$wowdb->error() = mysql_error()
$wowdb->fetch_assoc = mysql_fetch_assoc()
$wowdb->fetch_array = mysql_fetch_array()
$wowdb->fetch_row = mysql_fetch_row()
$wowdb->num_rows = mysql_num_rows()
$wowdb->free_result = mysql_free_result()
$wowdb->data_seek = mysql_data_seek()</php>
* Added Various Item Icon Colorizations in CSS styles: for the various item qualities (rare, uncommon, epic, common, trash). (By nostrademous)
** iconblue
** icongreen
** iconpurple
** iconwhite
** icongrey
* Added mailbox extraction and display [Thanks ThePrimaryDave] (By zanix)
* Added spellbook display in character page (By zanix)
* Added level bars mod with eXp tooltip [Thanks mutilator, Zeryl] - (By zanix)
* Added recipe item color/rarity (By zanix)
** Added 'difficulty' column to recipe page colored based on difficulty
** Item names in recipe page are now colored based on item rareity
** Fixed made-by addon to show item names/rarity correctly
* Added the ability to turn off the update instructions on the main page (By zanix)
* Added "Max XP" output on IndexAlt (By zanix)
* Added tooltips for pet icons(shows their name) (By zanix)
* Added Damage Reduction in armor tooltip - [Thanks aktlingit] (By zanix)
===Important Changes===
* Roster Password is now a md5 hash
*: AddOn Devs, change your addons if it uses this password
* Addon.php does not write the contents of the addon's css file to the output
*: Instead it will add a style link to the <head> section of the output
* Changes to conf.php
*: Roster Configuration has been moved to the db
** All config values now exist in the array $roster_conf[]
**: AddOn Devs, you'll need to update your AddOns to use this new array
* AddOns Framework
** Changed "update_triggers" to automatically include the config file for each addon
** AddOn Creation Docs have been updated
* Changes to Database
** Added Tables
*** roster_mailbox
***: Holds mail for characters
*** roster_config
***: Holds roster configuration/settings
** Altered Tables
*** roster_players
*** roster_members
*** roster_recipies
*** roster_items
*** roster_guild
*** roster_spellbook
*** roster_talents
*** roster_talenttree
Released - February 04, 2006
*Basic support for PvPLog 0.4.8
**More fixes, enhancements comming soon!
*update.php and updateMembers.php have merged
**use update.php for guild AND member updating
*The usual... major code cleanup, html fixes, css issues
**Index pages conformance to W3C HTML 4.0 Transitional
**Fixed multiple gap issues, hopefully
*Fixed "headers already sent". Roster now checks to see if headers were sent and sets them if they aren't
*Cleanup of old files no longer in use: index2.php, altindex.php, indexupdate.php, membersInst2.php, indexProf.php, ProfList.php, and ProfList2.php
*Changed realmstatus to use the database to store values instead of "wowss/wowss.txt"
**Deleted wowss-folder: fonts moved to /fonts and images to /img/realmstatus
**cURL will now be used if fopen()/file_get_contents() fails, Thanks to Jerry for the fix
**To use fopen()/file_get_contents(), allow_url_open must be on in php.ini, to use cURL, it must be compiled into your PHP
*Fixed guildbank2 not showing the correct stack heights
**Fix for first item of query getting "eaten" in guildbank2
**Added money totals and per character money in guildbanks
**Added character last updated to guildbank2
*Header and Footer files added, now it is easier to adjust the header and footer for each page
**Character pages DO NOT use the header/footer files because this would break it's functionality
*Improvements to localization
*Tooltip and overlib adjustments
*Fixed docs link in memberslist.php - was just docs/ which assumes a default file is loaded - changed to docs/index.html
*Fixed a bug where some servers will not display character info, or "Character Not Found"
*Replaced all instances of <? with <?php to ensure compatibility with systems where PHP configuration has short_open_tag = Off
*Replaced multiple insatances of hard-coded '/' with the DIRECTORY_SEPERATOR value to fix incorrect slash on certain systems
*Re-added "img/default.png" for legacy signature generator (img.php)
*Character pages
**Changed how reputation values display, looks more like in game
**Fixed exp bar at around 97% to 99%, the bar would be larger than the container
**"Unused Talent Points" will no longer display "Unused Talent Points: 0" it will now only display if there are actually unused talent points
**Fix to recipies, when a character had only one type of recipie, the table breaks
**Recipes pages with wrong icon placement + quicklinks
*Fix for images having a space and generating errors on some systems when referencing images with spaces in the name, in one case "First Aid.gif" on the recipes page
*Removed the thottbot option in conf.php as they no longer let you link to their images
*Fixed unescaped server name when doing an update to the database. ' in server name would break it before
*Now you can choose between two external itemlink-urls for each language-setting. (thx @ Merella for the hint)
*Fixes for sqldebug. Eeverything should now properly recognize sql debug statements only when necessary
*pvp update now modifies the levels: if < 1 then make it equal to itself multiplied by negative one
*Pet bugs and bag bugs fixed by mortencb
*Fix for ' in server names when displaying character stats for a warlock / hunter with a pet
*When updating a character, wowdb will update the level of in the members table, as well as players table
*Roster Addons support
*Full DB prefix support, default DB prefix is 'roster_'
*New 1.9 icons from
*CharacterProfiler, GuildProfiler, and PvPLog version detection
**Prevents old versions of CP, GP, or PvP from uploading data
*Basic support for PvPLog 0.4.8
**More fixes, enhancements comming soon!
*Included addons
**"SigGen" by Zanix, see the SigGen docs for more info
**"Made by Recipe" by Cybrey
**"Faction Filter" by Cybrey
**"Dummy Addon" template. This is for making your own addons
*Added a stripped down version of menu to use in phpbb if you want to show the roster menu with links in your website portal
**(It's in the "addons/pmenu" folder)
*Added Spellbook to database backend, there is NO front end (no display in roster)
*Index page
**Added profession icons, class icons, and pvp icons to index.php, switchable via conf.php
**Added column "Last Update" to main page, switchable via conf.php
**Added displaying of Guild MOTD on main index page
*Added hot links/ancors to search "indexSearch.php"
*Added credits page
*Added link to in the Credits section. No need for us to hide anymore!
*Added more info when doing a guild member update, will show members a being "Updated", "Added", or "Removed"
*Added removal for members not assigned to the current guild id
*Updated all the files to show the revisions numbers in all the files for CVS changes for future use and troubleshooting
*Added localized item tooltip coloring
*Character pages
**Added Advanced Stats & Bonuses, Thanks to cybrey (original author) and dehoskins (for additional output formatting)
**Added Max Exp to exp bar
**Added Time Played and Time Level Played
**Added Honor EXP bar to the honor tab
**Added "Points Spent" to talents
**Added Pet icons
===Known Bugs With 1.6.0===
*Bags with long names are not displayed correctly, they appear to be moved into the bag
**This is a css issue, no known fix at this time
*Servernames with non-english characters, or mis-matched names may cause serverstatus to not work correctly
**Fix: Open "realmstatus.php" in a text editor and edit the variable "$server" to match exact name from the WoW realmstatus page
*Random gaps on the character page
**This is a css issue, we have done our best to resolve this but it still happens sometimes
Released - October 20, 2005
*Character pane blank for any tabs other than Skill when DB doesn't contain any Pet data [337-338]
*"Headers already sent" issue with update.php for some people fixed [330-331]
*PvP data page will now retain custom column sort across pages when using Previous/Next links [334]
*Bag names being being truncated at 17 characters fixed [335]
*$lang variable replaced with $roster_lang to resolve compatibility issues with phpBB [329]
Released - October 17, 2005
*Missing Poison profession icon added
*Large amounts of display inconsistencies between IE6 and Firefox 1.0.6 fixed
*Large numbers of formatting inconsistencies fixed
*Removed incessantly repeating and redundant guild name variable usage from PvP and Honor stats tables on main page to make them less cluttered and smaller for guilds with long names
*Remove a lot of mixed case variables to reduce issues on Unix system that are overly pedantic about case...
*Fixed annoying yellow border on image headers in recipes with IE6
*Replaced hard-coded Thottbot variable on column header link with $itemlink variable defined in conf.php same as item links on Keys page
*Added _target to column header link so links open in new page on Keys page
*Re-added unlink command which had gone missing somewhere along the way and was causing temp to be left behind in webserver %temp% directories when data was uploaded with UniUploader using GZip
*Fix for quest title containing quest level caused by multiple 'quest' related addons overloading the function in WoW post 1.7 patch. This will strip the offending data out prior to committing to the DB
*Inserted logic to account for Horde not getting a Searing Gorge key so it won't be displayed on Keys page
*Fixed US server status page and implemented XML parser
*Modified query to return character level as whichever is higher between members.level (data from GP) or players.level (data from CP) to solve problem of main view character level often being lower than the character pane level due to guild admins not doing GP updates frequently. Also modified the various display sort queries to suit change.
*Untold amount of code clean-up and optimization
*One less stylesheet, removed "css\styles3.css"
*Update page now supports post 1.7.0 patch use of seperate data files for each addon
*Data upload will now only upload chars whose guild matches the one defined in the conf.php
*Localization completely re-done and almost the entire roster now supports localization. Current language support is English (enUS) and German (deDE) but will be easy to now include other languages
*Reputation tab added to character panel
*Pet tab added to character panel (only visible for Hunters and Warlocks)
*All icon images converted to jpg for easier updating
*Recipe list columns now sortable
*Class and Profession icons all re-made - much better quality now
*Added Quest count (like in game, eg. 16/20) to the quest list page
*Money display on main backpack now configurable (global only) via $show_money variable in conf.php
*Added $char_bodyalign to control the characters’ data display either left center or right
*Keys page now includes Rogue Thieves' tools and partial quest completion gauges
*Character page now has a 'Date Updated' tag which reports the date/time, as recorded by CharacterProfiler value 'DateUTC', the data was saved in-game. This date/time is stored in the database in UTC and then displayed with whatever time display offset is configured in the $localtimeoffset variable in conf.php. The date/time format is configurable by the $phptimeformat variable.
*Implemented local time display for data GuildProfiler data is updated based on new GuildProfiler value 'DateUTC'. Uses same function and local time display offset var as character date - $phptimeformat
*New Guildbank feature added
*Updated icons to include the 55 new items/abilities/etc. from WoW 1.7.0 patch
*New signature generator (sig.php) Use of this is the same as img.php. See /docs/sig.php(new_signature_generator)-readme.txt for more information
*All new Talents tab with in-game layout!
*Implemented Overlib tooltip engine - tooltips are now MUCH faster and don't disappear off-screen!
*Update page now supports post 1.7.0 patch use of seperate data files for each addon
*Honor support updated to include current features
*Realm Status now supports new Blizzard XML based page
*All new setup documentation in HTML format! OMG!!!
*Ammot slot contents now displayed on Character screen!
Released - July 30, 2005
*Updated the $blizstatuspage variable in conf.php to fix issues since WoW 1.6.0 patch
*Renamed "roster\CSS FILES" directory to "roster\css" to reduce issues with UNIX based web servers caused by spaces in the directory name.
*Renamed "roster\CSS FILES\JV Scripts" directory to "roster\css\js" to reduce issues with UNIX based web servers caused by spaces in the directory name.
*Deleted \roster\lib\ from distribution package - don't know why it's there in the first place...
*Changed default UniUploader link in conf.php - existing link is broken
*Changed default CharacterProfiler link in conf.php - existing link is to old non-working version
*Cleaned up all files for spaces at end of files after PHP closing tag (can cause problems)
*Fixed character link being invalid on the query return page of the "Find Team" page
*Fixed "Find Team" queries returning no results (incorrectly) when the quest name contained an apostrophe
*Included a MySQL 3.x compatible roster.sql called roster104_MySQL3.sql for creating database during installation (untested as I don't have a MySQL 3.x installation nor will I. This version is SO old there's no excuse for people to still be running it)
*Main roster page version number use $version variable in conf.php rather than hard coded value in index.php page
*Added slot_Waist.gif (missing) to /roster/img
*Percentage value shown on the XP bar on the character page
*Character gender now captured and displayed on the character page
*Equipment slots not containing an item now show the same "greyed" icon as in-game rather than an empty slot on the character page
*Smaller tab image used on bottom of character panel so they all fit on one row. This also creates room for more tabs... ;-)
*Recipes now colour coded to reflect difficulty on recipes page
*Generic Horde image now included for signatures
*Additional quest lookup links now available on Quests page - Allakhazam and WWN Data added to existing Thottbot links
*Quest lookup links now fully configurable via conf.php - show as many or as few as you like and add your own custom ones
*Menu bar on top of most pages tidied up, dividers added, and now honors the individual On/Off flags in conf.php for whether they are displayed or not.
*Added GZip support to updatemembers.php page for consistency with update.php - UniUploader users rejoice!
*Included gd_info.php file to help troubleshooting issues with Signatures and the Server Status image. gd_info.php only shows the GD support info so is able to be safely link to publicly unlike phpinfo which gives away information which *could* be potentially be used maliciously.
*Server Status image now able to be disabled via conf.php for those that do not want it displayed at all.
*Various miscellaneous minor changes to main menu "box", including the guild character level breakdown info, and menu names.
*Change variable declarations to be enclosed in ' rather than " if they don't contain variables (performance improvement - 'x' gets treated as a string and is assumed to not contain any variables and therefore doesn't get parsed which improves performance)
*General code formatting cleanup, eg. remove large numbers of line spaces, correct formatting, replace multiple spaces with tabs, etc. on some files (there's still a LONG way to go!)
==v1.03 [maintainance]==
Released - July 11, 2005
*Just a package maintenance update to prevent issues with old addons and links - no functionality changes.
*Removed GuildProfiler addon from package - must now download saperately
*Removed CharacterProfiler addon from package - must now download separately
*Update config.php.bak to remove old CharacterProfiler URL ( and replace with current dev source (
Released - May 05, 2005
*Updated lib/wowdb.php to except Angarth' Wow Profiler 1.0.3
*Updated lib/wowdb.php for Recipe and Bank Fix
*Updated lib/char.php with new graphics and updated honor format
*Updated code to configure everything from the config.php
*Updated update.php
*Updated newer PvP support and added in PvPLog 0.4.6
*Added Server Status, it parses the realm status of Blizzard's website
*Added support in conf.php to turn off or on the Quest's, recipes, PvP, and duel data from displaying
*Added new info to the menu
*Upload profile now available on the menu

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