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Roster First Upload Guide

This guide assumes you have Roster installed

These instructions are made for Roster 2.0
1.7.3 is similar, except all configuration is under Roster Config

Set Up Roster


CP, GP, and WoW

This is a quick guide on how to gather data in WoW
There is more detailed info on the use of CharacterProfiler and GuildProfiler to gather data in WoW on the Updating Character and Guild Data to Roster page.

Upload To Roster


Here are some common errors that the upload page may show

Warning.png Message: NOT Updating Guild list for GUILDNAME
Data does not contain any guild members

Warning.png Message: NOT Updating Guild list for GUILDNAME
Data is from GuildProfiler vx.x.x
The version of GuildProfiler used to capture data for this guild is older than the minimum version allowed for upload.
Please ensure you are running at least vx.x.x

Warning.png Message: Guild: GUILDNAME @ Server: REALMNAME Ignored
Could not update GUILDNAME. Maybe its not set in configuration?
Server: REALMNAME Ignored

Warning.png Message: Could not find Guild. GuildProfiler Addon not installed correctly?
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