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Roster Diagnostics

The RosterDiag page (http://www.[domain].com/index.php?p=rosterdiag) allows you to analyze your configuration, settings and version of Roster


Not Logged In Example
Logged In Example

Roster Diag consists of a couple of blocks that can help you troubleshooting your roster installation.
This varies from config parameters to actual file versions.


This block allows you to login with your Roster Admin password.
The authorization enables the download of Roster update packages.

Server Information

Basic Server Info Block
PHP Settings Block
GD Suport Block

This block contains information regarding your web server, PHP installation, and installed modules.
This helps the support staff at diagnose possible problems with your server set-up.

Basic Server Info

Shows OS, server software, and MySQL type and version.

PHP Settings

Shows some of the important settings in php.

GD Support

Shows your if your server has use of the GD image manipulation libraries.

Configuration Values

Configuration Values Block
Configuration Values Array

This block contains information regarding your Roster Configuration and Installation.

Show Entire $roster->config array

By clicking this link, the entire Configuration Table for Roster is shown.
The page that is shown, reveals important information for troubleshooting the configuration of your Roster installation.

List of Tables

This displays a list of tables in Roster's database
This can help to see if any tables are missing

File Version Information

Compares your local Roster install and it's files to the cache on
You can determine if files have been tampered with and download updates to files when they become available.

File Version Information


Using update files downloaded from Roster Diag

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