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AltMonitor is a Roster addon for Main/Alt display. It uses data set in the guild note or officer note to group together each player's characters. It has 2 main components:

Where to get it

You can download it from the AltMonitor download page. If you can't find your answer on this wiki page go to the altmonitor subforum for support.



This is probably one of the more complex Roster addons to configure. Below are explanations of all options.

Regex /ALT-([\w]+)/i
Apply on field note
Use match no 1

This is the most important and most difficult setting. These 3 values tell altmonitor how to find the alt information in the guild list info. The first is a regex pattern using the perl-compatible regex syntax used in php. PCRE reference

Basically, the ([\w]+) part signifies the 1 word in the string that contains the main name for the character. the slashes at the beginning and end of the setting signify the beginning and end of the pattern. The i after the last slash makes it use case insensitive matching, omit it to use case sensitive matching. Valid values are:

The second setting of these 3 signifies on what field the regex is run. Usually this is note for the public note or officer_note for the officer's note.

The third setting tells which bracketed expression is used. This is 1 in most cases.

Main identifier Main

If the main name returned by the regex has this value the character is assumed to be a main. This is mainly useful if the 'first word' type matching is used; you can set the note '(Main)' for a main character.

No result Main

If the regex doesn't return a value at all, this setting defines if the char is a main or a mainless alt. For example on the second example regex, if 'ALT-' doesn't appear in the note at all this setting is used to decide if the character should be a main or a alt without a main.

Invalid result Mainless Alt

If the value returned by the regex isn't a guild member's name, this setting defines if the char is a main or a mainless alt. This is set to false by default since you don't usually have mainless alts in, so characters displayed as mainless alts probably have an incorrect setting.

Alt of Alt Set as Mainless Alt

The value of this setting is used to decide what to do if the main of a character turns out to be an alt too.

Display options

Show Main name Show

Set this to Show to show the main name collumn in the main/alt list.

Alt foldouts Open

By default the alts are shown. Set this to Closed to hide the alts by default, alts will then be shown by clicking the + sign next to the main's name.

Show Mainless alts Bottom

By default mainless alts are shown at the bottom. Set this to Top to show them at the top.


Not yet available.

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