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Writ Calculator

This originated as Roster Addon.

This addon helps you take a stack (or one) of Argent Dawn Writs and calculate out all the raw materials you'll need to gather to fulfill it, as well as display which guildmates to talk to for the crafting.


Currently, this mod is only in enUS language, as I don't know any other useful translations.


This mod simply needs to be downloaded and the contents placed into your Roster Addons folder. It requiries/makes no database changes.


Once installed, just click on "Writ Calculator" in your Roster Addons menu. Enter the quantities of which writs you have and press Calculate.

Technical Notes

Writ List

The writ list is a php file in the Addon's directory called writs.php. It looks something like:

$writArray['enUS']['Craftsmans Writ - Brightcloth Pants']['item']='Brightcloth Pants';
$writArray['enUS']['Craftsmans Writ - Brightcloth Pants']['qty']=6;
$writArray['enUS']['Craftsmans Writ - Brightcloth Pants']['shortname']='BrightclothPants';
$writArray['enUS']['Craftsmans Writ - Dense Weightstone']['item']='Dense Weightstone';
$writArray['enUS']['Craftsmans Writ - Dense Weightstone']['qty']=120;
$writArray['enUS']['Craftsmans Writ - Dense Weightstone']['shortname']='DenseWeightstone';

The 'item' defines what the search tag should be in the Recipes listing within roster. 'qty' defines how many of 'item' are needed per writ. 'shortname' is my lazy way to make a safe name to use with the form elements (check the source, you'll see text areas named like qtyBrightclothPants).

You can add anything to this list to get raw materials listing, so this could be expanded beyond Writ requirements if someone wants later (functionalizing the whole thing for calling from outside).

Raw Material Override Functionality

The override functionality is setup to denote particular items as 'not to be parsed as recipes' - just treat them as raw materials as soon as they're encountered. As of verion 1.1, that list looks like so:

$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['fish1'] = 'Plated Armorfish';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['fish2'] = 'Lightning Eel';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['fish3'] = 'Stonescale Eel';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['ruggedleather'] = 'Rugged Leather';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['thickleather'] = 'Thick Leather';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['heavyleather'] = 'Heavy Leather';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['mediumleather'] = 'Medium Leather';
$rawMatOverrideArray['enUS']['lightleather'] = 'Light Leather';

Leather is included on this list, for example, as otherwise something requiring rugged leather may show hundreds of thousands of Heavy Leather instead.


This currently only goes 3 iterations deep. It's possible that engineering items may cause this to need to be expanded.

Sample Screenshots

Writ Calculator Addon Preview - Entry Form
Writ Calculator Addon Preview - Sample Results
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